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FREE Website Design Giveaway for Orange County Charity: Enter to Win!

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 4 Tags
  • 01 Aug 2012

Say what?!??!!?!?!

Yes, you read that right.  Who wants a FREE website with all the bells & whistles you can think of?

Our friends (and creative developer geniuses) at DigiSavvy are giving away a free website design to a local charity or nonprofit organization in Orange County. They are looking to expand their already pretty stunning portfolio with the gran daddy of sites.

Go ahead, challenge them.  They develop solutions for your crazy online ideas to better manage your business.

How to Enter

There are only a few requirements to enter the giveaway! When you send your submission, please include the following to have an opportunity to win…

Submit the info by either sending us an email at or post a comment with the following:

  • The name of the organization 
  • A URL of the organization
  • What the organization does (They need to be a nonprofit or charitable organization)
  • How would your charity use the new site?
CLICK HERE to enjoy some of their previous web work and to get super stoked! DigiSavvy will not be holding anything back if you win there contest. They want to build your organization a website that will be put to real use!
Do you want your organization to reach as many people as possible? Enter the competition for a chance at a fresh new start for your charity!
Riding Green

Riding Green is a non-profit environmental organization that encourages Angelinos to change their mindset that Los Angeles is the city of cars, and encourage people to take public transportation to reduce our carbon footprint. It is a tool designed to provide incentives for people to take public transport and in doing so they will realize that it is possible to get around without driving in Los Angeles. Riding Green seeks to connect individuals and local business owners who are concerned with the environment and strengthen their interactions in the community. As Riding Green grows and expands in popularity, it will have a voice that can speak to public agencies encouraging them to support the effort of providing incentives to business owners and patrons to take public transportation.

Riding Green would like to utilize the new website to further expand our effort and increase visibility to the community. A cleaner and more sophisticated look will bring a higher level of professionalism to the site that will strengthen our credibility. Furthermore, the current site has long delays in loading time which can deter visitors. An additional feature we would like to emerge from the new site is an overview map that has pinpoints of the various participating establishments that can assist people in Riding Green in specific locations. Riding Green would love the opportunity to have an updated site that captures our mission and inspires people and companies to Ride Green.