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Creating a GoDaddy Form in DreamWeaver

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 5 Tags
  • 09 Jun 2010

If you need to create a form for your site, we say skip all the fancy programming and go with a product like JotForm that you can embed in your site.

If there’s just no way around it, let this manual share with you how to do so using Dreamweaver and GoDaddy hosting…

Please note that only one email address is available to function with the easy form creation of GoDaddy. All forms will need to submit to that address. They can be routed from there is necessary.

  • Login to domain account at GoDaddy or Cal Coast Reseller Account through WWD, whichever you, the client, signed up with.
  • Select “Hosting Account List” under “My Products.”
  • Check off the domain name you are making the form on and select “Open” under “Control Panel.”
  • Select “Content” and then “Form Mail.”
  • Under “Enter Forms Email Address” enter the email address the forms will email to and select “Continue.”

    Now lets create the page to function…

  • Open a page of the site you want to edit in your web editor program.
  • Select “File” and then “Save As” and save the page as the new page you are creating. Delete any unique variables to the old site keeping the overall design template and formatting.
  • Insert any text or top variables to coordinate with the page.
  • Once ready to insert form variables, select “Form” tab from the tabs below your file menu.
  • Select “Insert Form” (1st option on most versions of DW).
  • Add table and necessary fields utilizing the other “Insert”options available in the Form tabs.
  • Modify code where new field was implemented to reflect desired values.

    i.e. :



  • Modify form fields by clicking on them in design view. Select character width, max characters, password, initial values, etc under the properties section. If you can’t see properties, you need to expand your work area by double clicking or selecting little grey arrow in bottom corner.
  • Create a new confirmation page to coordinate with the form. To track conversions with Google Analytics, you will need a different confirmation page for each form. the thank you

    page can look the same but it must be renamed.

    Once created and added to FTP and tested, move forward.

  • Go to the form action code in source and change:


How To Make Form Fields Required In GoDaddy

  • First add validation code to form but remember not all form actions are gdform.php. Just replace gdform.php if it is different.

  • Then add the code below to the head tag (must be in the head tag for this to work). This specific code is correct for email address being required so you can just copy and paste.

    If you want a different field required, replace email address with Example Full Name, or the name of the field you want.

If you want more than one field required you will just need to place (replace email address with the name of the field you want to make required phone example below).

Keep in mind they need to match the tags exactly in the form so if the tag is

it needs to be phone_number. If it does not match the tag it will NOT WORK.

IMMEDIATELY below the existing // ** END **

  • Continue the above to make more fields required.
If you get stuck please visit for more information. If you still need assistance, please contact at CCWD rep for more help!

Or, simply visit our preferred free easy form builder, JotForm, to easily create an executable form to embed in your profile. Save yourself some time already!