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Will my website be framed?

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 6 Tags
  • 16 Mar 2009

Will my website be framed? Why?

If you look at the HTML code of a typical framed site, you will usually see the TITLE tag, the META tags, and then a FRAMESET tag — and that’s about it!

Search engine spiders are programmed to ignore certain HTML code and, instead, to focus on indexing the actual body text. But with a typical framed site, there is no body text for the search engine’s spider to index, because the text is all on another page (usually the inner, framed page).

Sometimes, iframes are ok.  You’ll want a design professional experienced with SEO to handle all of your embedding and framing issues.

We don’t want it to be framed if at all possible. If not, homepage at least needs to be unframed. Visit for more info.