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Cal Coast Owner, Angie Weeks, speaks at OCAR Social Media Panel Friday 11/16/12

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  • 06 Nov 2012
There is another OCAR panel coming soon. And Cal Coast is excited to be a part of it!The panel will feature Realtors who are recognized for their social media savvy and success. With a focus on relationship building and using social media as a tool, this class offers something for every REALTOR®: from those beginning in

How Realtors can harness the power of Twitter

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  • 06 Nov 2009
At Tom Ferry’s seminar today, the renowned expert asked Gary Vaynerchuk what Realtors can do to leverage the power of twitter. Well for starters, according to Tom, it’s a really good idea to follow @garyvee on twitter for success-generating examples. He also recommended: Get prime consumer data by searching a ‘word’ near:zipcode. For instance, you