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Orange County TEDx – Innovation at its finest!

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 3 Tags
  • 20 May 2011

So honored to listen to TEDx Orange Coast today and hear all the wonderful speakers! The theory was ‘innovation’, and the day was jam packed with amazing creators and innovators.

Rick Warren, bestselling author & philanthropist, was one of the speakers. He discussed 8 questions of innovation. Pastor Warren talked about these 8 inno’Nations’ as being a part of every major movement Saddleback Church has been involved with. Since Saddleback has done such amazing things I wanted to share. They are questions you need to ask at pivotal moments to ensure your course and strategy is correct.

1. What do I first need to stop? You need to make room. Stop something before you start. Determi’nation’.

2. How do I do it faster, better or smarter with a team? Innovate farther than yourself with collaboration. Coordi’nation’.

3. What could we mix together to create something new? What can we bring a union or synthesis of? Combi’nation’.

4. What part could we take out in order to make it simpler? What barrier can we remove to make it more accessible? *ahem, programmers* Elimi’nation’.

5. What has died that we can bring back to life in a new form? What old idea needs to be or could be reformatted? Reincar’nation’.

6. How can we change the purpose or motivation for what we’re doing? Rejuve’nation’.

7. How can we look at this with new eyes? What are we ‘used to’ that needs to change? You may need to ask outside your organization, from clients or competitors. Illumi’nation’.

8. How could we make it more interesting? Appealing? Mesmerizing? Fasci’nation’.

Growing organizations require growing leaders – ask yourself these questions to constantly stay on course! Rick reminded everyone he was simply reiterating what all the other innovators today were saying – always be learning and stay educated. If you’re done learning, you’re done leading!

Hope these questions help you & your business stay on course. Which one resonates the most? Comment below or tweet @CalCoast or @AngieWeeks.