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Steps To Transfering Calls While Using Skype

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 5 Tags
  • 27 Nov 2008

Let’s say you call a client using Skype to return a call or a message they left. Shortly into the call you realize that you are not best suited to handle the clients question or request, at which point you tell the client “Let me check to see if ________ is available. They may be able to assist you better with this matter”.

So how should you transfer the call?

In the Skype menu, you will click on the contact you want to transfer the call to. Click the contact you wish to call.

Skype will prompt you to put client on hold. Say YES and the client is now placed on hold. Now you can talk to the contact you wish to send the call to without the client on line. This will give you a chance to explain the situation in their jargon. Now have the contact IMMEDIATELY call the client from their Skype.

After ending the call with the contact who will be taking over the call, come back to the line where the client is on hold and tell the client that the “Contact” should be calling on the other line right now (or at _____ time).

Be NICE and wait until the client lets you know that the other call is coming through. You can then send the client on their way!

This is how you can “transfer” a call using Skype!!!

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