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How To Edit Your Yahoo Hosting Site

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 4 Tags
  • 17 Apr 2009

We got a new client over here recently with Yahoo Hosting. It was kinda a PITA figuring out the WYSIWYG so I thought I would post it here for later reference for myself, the team, and those of you who stumble across the blog with Yahoo keywords!

  • Login to your acocunt with your previosusly assigned login info at
  • On the right, under yours/the client’s name, click on “Mail”
  • On the left under the apple icon, click the link that is the domian name you are working in’ under the Mail Accounts heading
  • On the top right click Manage my services
  • On the left click Web Hosting control panel
  • Click the Manage Tab
  • Click file manager – this takes you into the main web directory. Make
    sure you don’t delete anything! In order to upload a file, click
    “upload files” on the right
  • If you need to upload anything to the images folder, you have to click
    the folder name, and THEN click upload files on the right.