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How To Disable Number Highlighting Initiated By Skype

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 01 Dec 2008

One of the cool features Skype provides is something called Number Highlighting.

What is Number Hightlighting? Well, once Skype has been uploaded to your computer, Skype will automatically recognize phone numbers found online (numbers must be in specific format to be recognized – Example: 999-999-9999) and change the simple text phone number into a link that allows you to simply click and call directly from the site you are on.

Now some people may find this to be a little obnoxious. So if you are one of those people, read below and find out how simple it is to disable Number Highlighting!

  • Open your browser and look for the blue Skype icon in the upper right-hand corner (icon should be blue with an “S” and “123” with a green phone image)
  • Click on the Skype icon.
  • A window will pop up asking you if want to “Turn number highlighting on”. Uncheck the box to disable and click “OK”.
  • Now open up a site that you know had clickable numbers on it and test to see if it worked!

That’s how you disable clickable buttons and phone numbers in your browser!!! We hope this was a helpful topic!

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Thanks. Very useful. Skype's "cool" feature was getting on my nerves.
Thanks for the help. I couldn't stand that feature.
It's not just obnoxious - it renders some phone numbers on web pages unreadable by hiding everything except the area code. If you click on it to try to see the rest of the number, you launch a Skype phone call applet that you have to then kill. That's when I kill Skype *entirely*. Killing Skype *entirely* is the silver lining in these aggravating encounters with this crappy user interface. It's almost (but not quite) as satisfying as removing Skype from the PC altogether.
It doesn't stay disabled for me. Anyone know why? I can disable it, and it works for a few days, then it's back again. :(
It is very irritating plus, when you try to copy the phone# it starts skype & when you paste the # into something you have to delete "begin skype highlighting" and "end skype highlighting" and the duplicate phone#. Also, many #s aren't visible, others you must mouse-over to see them. Yes, very irritating.
BTW, if you want to disable the highlighting, you should do it before removing the skype toolbar. Now I have to somehow get it back on so I can disable the highlighting then take the toolbar back off. ugh.
To turn off Skype # highlighting, try this...
on IE's menu bar (IE8, not sure about IE7), click Tools then Skype add-on for Internet Explorer. Uncheck the box at the top to turn off the highlighting. Close all browsers. The highlighting should be off after opening new browser windows.
Thanks! Very useful!
Thanks. Hate that damn highlighting. It copies as extra text.
Thanks - makes it very hard to copy numbers from websites.
Thank you thank you thank you! Would you believe I spent probably an hour or more searching through the Skype help contents, the Skype knowledge base, the Skype website, and NOWHERE does it tell you how turn this damn "feature" OFF? What, you mean they simply cannot CONCEIVE of why anyone would want to turn it off?
Thank you thank you oh my gosh! As a web designer this skype highlighting was HORRIBLE!!! it kept showing up in my code as end-of-skype-highlighting. MUAH!
Thank you for the information! The new skyp download would highlight numbers and if you copied and pasted it would have huge tags "end of skype highliting" etc. It wasted too much time to remove that text.
All I suscceeded in doing was removing the skype and the bastard thing still there and stuffing up my downloaded messages
oh sweet Jesus, thank you for this
Thanks for the information. It does not seem vital to have the number highlighted. The page looks much better without the highlight.
THANK YOU! I was trying to create an Evite and I kept getting an error message that I had too many characters--ALL caused by this "cool" feature that I didn't want or need on my Evite. Actually, I didn't like it automatically appearing without any rhyme or reason. I apprecite your help. :)
Just insert invisible span inside phone number:
span style=display:none;>NoSkype
Anonymous on September 13...Thank you! I just installed Skype and just noticed tonight my painstakingly measured data tables with phone numbers were shattered on my laptop. I did a str_replace on the phone number variables and replaced the hyphens with a variable including your bit and it works like a dream!
Click on tools on your web browser and then click on skype extension and uncheck the turn number highlighting on when composing e-mail. Turn it back on when browsing if desired. Simple!
This "feature" was interfering with the java on a page I needed. Must be a buffer issue or something, but refreshing the pane (by clicking the icon) resulted in the next view being corrupted. One uninstall of that and the problem was solved. Thanks for the help, I never noticed the stupid "S" in my browser (next to the wrench in Chrome).
Its not on the actual web pages but add-on in each computers web browser that coverts all phone numbers to skpye tags with the flag. Uninstall that browser plug-in and they all GO AWAY and reverts to a NORMAL PHONE NUMBER. :)
Thanks for the tips!
it works! :)