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What to do if you only have 15 minutes to do for SMO??

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 8 Tags
  • 01 Aug 2010

Finding time to update all your SMO accounts may be difficult. Keeping things short and simple is the Cal Coast way, and we want to show you that 15 minutes a day can help take your SMO campaign to the next level.

Each step includes something you can do in your 15 minutes a day so rotate them for each day of the week.

  1. Twitterfeed: Autoupdating your SMO accounts is a great way to update all accounts with 1 simple blog post. Twitterfeed allows you to post a blog which will then post to your Twitter and Facebook account.Which means 1 simple blog post updates to your Twitter and Facebook account killing 3 birds with 1 stone.

    If you are a Cal Coast client then you either already have Twitterfeed set up or it will be set up in Phase 4 of your SEO campaign.

    For instructions on how to set up Twitterfeed click here

  2. Blog: Because we use Twitterfeed blogging is not more important than ever. You can make 1 blog post and it updates on Twitter & Facebook. Taking 15 minutes a day to blog about your company news, services and upcoming events can do wonders for your SMO campaign.

    Click Here to Get Blogging Tips and Learn the Secrets to Blogging Properly

  3. Twitter: Keeping your fellow Tweeters updated is important, take 15 minutes to tweet something of value, retweet something of value, set up tweet beeps and follow fellow tweeters.

    Click Here to Learn How to Tweet, Retweet and Find Local Tweeters

  4. Facebook: Keeping fans updated on Facebook is really important. You can create new events, upload photos, upload videos, create discussions, FBML pages and more. Taking 15 minutes a day to keep Facebook fans updated is vital in your SMO campaign.
    Click Here to Learn How to Upload Photos, Videos, Create Discussions, FBML pages & more