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Start Changing Your Facebook Habits: Using Insights to Engage

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 07 Nov 2014

A Social Media Summit 2014 Recap of “How to Use Your Facebook Insights to Engage With More Fans”…

facebook-like-shareIf this is your first time hearing about blogger, Grandma Mary, go head over to her Facebook page and see my new favorite edutainer!

Her creator is social media coach and co-author of “Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies,” Andrea Vahl.

I can tell right away that this nerdariffic, Excel formula geek of a character and I may just be BFFs for life. Allow me to pass along some of the brilliance…

It’s so easy to get into a rut.
Start changing your Facebook habits. Just pick 1 new thing from this message if you must keep focused.

Facebook Insight Favorites:

Overview Tab: Snapshot & 5 Main Menus – Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts, People

Access It At:

Likes Tab:

Quick Tip: Don’t forget to change the date range!

Why? It allows you to benchmark some of your stats to compare to previous date ranges. The benchmark tool is used to compare performances over time. Get that visual indication of how your averages are over time. (Hellllllooooo Social Media Reporting.)

Click on each spike to see more about the data. Once clicked, it displays:

Like Sources (How they got there): Page Suggestions, On Your Page, Ads, Search, Your Posts, APIs, Page Likes, etc.


Login now and check this… Control if you are eligible for suggestions!

Go To: Page Settings >> General >> Similar Page Suggestions. (This may include a competitor. Are you the “big dog” yet?)

Are you a "big dog" in social media business?

Are you a “big dog” in social media business?

Reach Tab: (Likes, Comments, Shares)

We know you are frustrated with your reach. Why isn’t anyone seeing your posts!? Let alone clicking, sharing, commenting, posting, liking…. Don’t worry.
It’s just not very important. We cant control it. But we can control an engagement.

Now Twitter, or Google Plus, do not tell you how many people actually saw your post. Worry more about engagement. Not reach. Stop worrying about anythign but an engagement.

And run an experiment. Try different things. Compare. Benchmark results.

Visits Tab:

Hello, Captain Obvious. Basic number for page and tab views. This is important for reporting with Baselines.  External Referrers is worth a view too. Who is helping you market? How can you imrove those relationships?

Posts Tab:

Post Types:  Photo, Link, Video, Status, etc.
Note: Videos uploaded to Facebook prove to actually get more reach and engagement than 3r parties like Youtube.

Engagement Rate: % of people who interact with your post, of those who have seen it.
Low reach but high engagement is often times a good candidate for promoting.

from-the-expertsUnderstanding Interaction Advertising Methods: Check out “Boost Posts or Promoted Posts on Facebook: Which is Better?” on Social Media Examiner blog.

Don’t just analyze. Here is your Facebook ToDo List:

  • Daily – Focus on engagement.
  • Weekly: Focus on reach. Watch your competitors.
  • Monthly – Focus on likes, like sources, post types, negative feedback, etc.

Dont waste your time. DO something with the info.

  • Dive deeper. (Into Analytics.)
  • Download your data. YOu can quickly get access to up to 180 days or 500 posts, whichever is greater. At least save it to go back to it later. (Includes both Page Data & Post Data.)
    • Page Data:
    • Likes, Likes over time, Impressions (times seem), Reach (people), Talking About This (being removed), Negative Feedback, Demographics, External Referrers (sending traffic to your page.)
    • Post Data: Post Reach, Post Impressions, Engaged Users, Post Consumers, Negative Feedback.

hot-tipGetting More Engagement: Woo your fans with content they want. Put them on a pedestal.

Focus On:

  • Lifetime Talking About This Tab: Shows visible interaction, comments, likes, shares
  • Lifetime Post Consumers: Shows “invisible” interaction, link clicks, other clicks, photo views, video views. (Consuming quietly.)
  • Add Columns & Sort: Use Custom Sort (i.e. Were you testing humorous posts? Using ALL CAPS in posts?) Watch for patterns.
  • Do Experiments & Track Results: Try different post frequency, time zones, etc. Did it perform?
    • Use Pivot Tables: Insert Pivot Table. Compares data.

Audience Insights:

Note: Located in Ad Manager. Only for those with >1,000+ fans.
Get Started –

Use this feature to type in your URL and see what other pages your fans like. See where they are hanging out. Participate on those pages.

working in pajamas stalking computerCompetitive Research:

It’s never been easier to spy from the comfort of your own home.

  • Post Planner Viral Photos
    See what works the best on ANY page …even your competitor!
    Stop right there. Don’t steal that pic. But how can you model that?
  • Top Posts From Pages You Watch:
    Visit Facebook: Insights >> Posts >> Top Posts From Pages You Watch
    Be sure to add pages to “Watch” (even competition maybe?) – Select “Add Pages”.
  • LikeAlyzer
    Measure & analyze the success rate of Facebook. Review average posts/day, average likes, comments, shares, types, length and more.

Additional Tools: (FREE or Low Cost)

  • Simply Measured – Free
    Good For: Fan page and competitive analysis.
  • AgoraPulse Barometer
    Start by benchmarking your Facebook page here for FREE. (Paid for comparison details.)
  • Cyfe – $14
    An all-in-one social media dashboard. Watch you Facebook Insights health through widgets here.
  • Quintly
    Competitive benchmarking.

Start changing your Facebook habits. Just pick 1 new thing from this message if you must keep focused.

And if you haven’t already connected with people to support you, make that your next step. Use all the handy links all over our blog to connect. See… just scroll down a bit. v v v

shout-out-smallAuthor, Andrea Vahl

Social Media Examiner Success Summit