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Drip Feed Online Marketing: Success by Default

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 20 Oct 2014
Social Media Success Summit 2014

Social Media Success Summit 2014

We are so excited to attend Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Strategies Summit 2014 – get ready for some major notes and social goodness – there’s a great lineup this year and we’ll be blogging our session notes!  We started with the keynote, How to Succeed by Continuously Showing Up: Drip Feed Marketing.  The session echos a huge component of social strategy:  Consistency.  According to our presenter, Mike Stelzner, to be successful today doesn’t take extreme passion, a dynamic personality, and good luck. Small and large businesses just need to:

  • Simply show up
  • Provide value
  • Repeat, and repeat, and repeat. And repeat. Did we say repeat??

Well, isn’t that easy enough?  In theory, maybe.  But marketing is overwhelming.  How the heck does a small business owner determine where to focus with limited resources? And remain relevant on top of it all??? According to a Nielsen “Trust in advertising” study conducted across 58 countries, referrals from other people and consumer reviews are VERY powerful…like top 3 powerful.  Check out the ratings:

Neilsen "Trust in Advertising" 2013 study.

Nielsen “Trust in Advertising” 2013 study.


Michael used a metaphor of growing plants and a garden to highlight different aspects of drip marketing.  You have to nurture, nurture, nurture your grounds.  But how?  There are a couple of methods.

  1. Using the “spray everywhere” philosophy – these are powerful sprinklers that spray everywhere in order to catch the areas you care about.  But they also cover areas you aren’t concerned with and create some waste.  (We call this ‘spray & pray’) The downside of this is that it’s expensive; you pay to cover a large (sometimes irrelevant) area. (aka branding or social media)
  2. Using the “drip system” philosophy – in this method, target the roots of the plants, and drip water only where needed.  This philosophy is more complex to get the right nutrients to the right plants, but it is also less expensive to execute.  Content is geared for a specific audience using rich content such as blog posts, podcasts, and videos.

What is drip marketing?

Drip Marketing is regularly delivering free content only to people who find it valuable.  This keeps people enriched, more intelligent, and turns them into a referral source (bonus: they plant other seeds:)  Plus, isn’t it nice to enable someone to do a better job with whatever task they have at hand? Drip marketing is super relevant.  It can be articles, reports, audio podcasts, or videos, it doesn’t really matter.  Michael explained there are two hoses are necessary for drip marketing, and combining the two is not only necessary but extremely effective:

  1. Social networks. These have large pools of audiences, and they are the ‘large hose’.  It’s the spray everywhere philosophy.
  2. Your own platform.  (Blog, website)  You have total control over distribution, and although it’s a ‘small hose’, it’s still very powerful.  It’s the drip system philosophy.

Remember the social networks and shared platforms make their own rules.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket depending on how they work today…because social media sites change so much!  Your own platform is absolutely crucial for success.

Social offers massive effects (like the Grand Canyon, or a diamond) that come from regular focused exposure. Deliver content your prospects really want, and it is like the water that makes seeds grow.  Aim to become a source that curates good information, regardless of if it’s from you or not.  Just properly give others credit.  What’s interesting is the more  you share others’ content, the more people perceive you as a resource. Go the extra mile and create easy to share quality images and links to do this.  Yes, you can use your personal profiles to boost this.  It’s up to you.  Let them see the different sides of you and the people at your company.  They will connect with you more.

There is plenty of research that supports people sharing your content helps them to grow roots and become a loyal audience to your business.  What does your garden need to bloom?  If you’d like to learn more about what your consumer wants to grow, simply ASK them.

ASK:  “If we could wave a magic wand & solve _____, what would it be?”.

When it comes to your own platform and the drip method, you need to encourage sharing there as well.  People won’t promote it if it’s not easy.  You can use sources like the digg digg plugin, click-to-tweet options, mobile options, and links at the bottom of your posts.

Remember to use the elements – water, seeds, to take advantage of the platforms (shared and owned!) and you will have a beautiful thriving garden in the end!  The beautiful thing is it doesn’t take a lot of money to get a solid return…just sprinkle some water on your garden daily 🙂

If you need help with social programs or direction be sure to give Cal Coast a call.  We can assist you with growing your networks using the methods described here – just call 888-281-7665 x 2 or contact us for a no-obligation social media consultation!