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Easily Build WordPress Blog Traffic & Grow Online Revenue

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 28 Oct 2014

Boost your WordPress Blog trafficBusy blogging but not seeing the fruits of your efforts?  Syed Balkhi  presented an excellent session at Social Media Success Summit on ways to significantly increase your WordPress blog traffic and revenue.  Want to learn how?  Syed has millions of followers, and he promised to share these secrets:

  • Actionable insights
  • Twitter tip that increased traffic by 4K page views / day
  • Repurposing a 1 year old post to get 30K shares
  • 3 tips to reduce bounce rate from 76% to 42% (um….yes please)

Super impressive list.  Let’s get going!

The Basic WordPress Blogging Problem:

  1. You write a great post
  2. You share it once
  3. You get same people to visit your site, but they leave
  4. You repeat process.  Over and over.  And over.

Solution:  Edit Flow WordPress Plugin or CoSchedule. (note: we just implemented CoSchedule & are already in love:).   Great blog posts need to be shared more than once!  Don’t spam people by spraying links on all your outlets every hour, rather strategically stagger your social shares over future weeks and months – this will really drive you TONS more traffic.  Allow your readers more than one opportunity to catch the message.  It’s good to be green.  Recycle & repurpose 😉

To create amazing posts, know what PEOPLE SEARCH FOR. Use the tools below to get more reach:

Write awesome headlines.

Run an SEO page analysis.

Effective and Proven Social Strategy for More Blog Traffic

Tweet old posts.  Bring it back.  Use BufferApp & BulkBuffer (#Excel geeks click that out!)  This increased Syed’s post reach by 4K/day!!!  Space out posts over a week or month’s time.  Try go have at least one hashtag per article.  As people engage you’ll get new content ideas 😉

Change content format.  Re purpose podcasts into slideshows, old articles into YouTube videos.  Use the tips from YouTube Creator Playbook.  End cards on the last slide with purposeful Calls To Action back to your blog are so important – don’t forget!

SYED’s ADVICE:  Start leveraging YouTube now.

Facebook Community’s are more powerful than Brands.  Remember a community is bigger than a brand, greater than any one company.  People want to be a part of that more emotional connection rather than follow a brand.  Consider using your Facebook page as a Community. Use Facebook for title experiments, test a few there first and it can bring you much more traffic.


Blog optimization

70% of visitors will never return to your website, so you only have one chance to capture them!  Plan accordingly.

Bounce rate reduction trick:  On Popular Posts put an ugly yellow label for “Popular Lists”, and then put unpopular posts there that you’ve ran through the headline analyzer.

Strategically hand pick ‘related posts’:

  • Check out MikroKids Related Post
  • Nelio Featured Posts
  • Interlinking and roundups.  These are list posts that link out (think “Top 10 __”!), so others see their backlink and favorite / retweet. Build an email list.  Why do you think all sites insist upon your email to create an account???  Because email is still the most reliable way to get ahold of someone digitally.

Content upgrades convert really well.  Try:

Test, test, test everything.  A/B test titles, colors, themes, page content and more. Use Nelio A/B testing plugin.  Everything should be tracked and watched so you can improve at the fastest rate.

What about Revenue? Try the ThirstyAffilites plugin, it converts keywords into affiliate links, and allows you to add a steady stream of affiliate revenue from your blog posts.  It’s cool because you can manage all links easily form your WordPress dashboard 😉 For even more revenue:

  • Convert popular blog posts into email courses or eBooks
  • Create an auto-responder series to engage and earn trust of your email subscribers
  • Remember….More traffic = more $$$$

If you’re interested in increasing the traffic to your WordPress blog give Cal Coast a call at 888-281-7665 x2 – we can help you implement all the tools and strategies you just read about!