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6 Social Media Goals & A Sample Tactical Plan For Managing Your Social Online Presence

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 5 Tags
  • 08 Feb 2013

Social media has proven to be an effective tool at reaching and engaging an extensive audience instantaneously. Is your business still not effectively using Social Media, or just not sure how to take better advantage of it? If so you are not the only one.

Automated Marketing Specialists & Social Media gurus at Marketo have created a simple and easy to follow plan on how to build and reach your social media target.

The plan includes the following social media goals:

  • Increase inbound leads at a low cost
  • Expand reach of thought leadership content
  • Engage and excite influencers
  • Better understand, identify, and engage potential buyers
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Enhance outbound campaign program effectiveness

Download the free ebook from Marketo here

This plan will help your business drive more unique traffic to your website and effectively engage your intended audience bu reviewing short term objectives and key metrics for your blog, Linkedin, Facebook Fan page, Google+, Pinterest, microblogging on Twitter, social PR, widgets, bookmarking/tagging, blog commenting, online video, photo sharing, podcasting, and more.

Still need expert help? Call Cal Coast Web Design your Orange County Social Media experts for a specialized social media plan for your business today!