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Professional Facebook Ad Targeting & How It Works

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 27 Oct 2014

Learn how to properly target your Facebook marketingJon Loomer gave a fabulous Social Media Success Summit session on Advanced Facebook marketing, “Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting Techniques Used by the Pros” to be exact.  Ooooh….cannot wait for this!  Getting right in,

There’s a Facebook Problem

The ads we tried did’t work.  They got screwed up.  But why??  Basically…it’s our targeting.  People who don’t want to see our ads are seeing them, and that formula will never work.  But…

There’s a Facebook Solution

Jon is living proof you can do amazing things if you reach the right people.  With the right message.  At the right time.  And to add from a previous session…on the right device.  Don’t struggle like everyone else.  Even though there’s no clear path, and lots of clutter on Facebook, your business can break through.  But you’ll have to start tracking and start testing to see miracles can happen.  Want to make one for your business, too?

Your Fans Will Convert

They’ve already opted in. They know your brand and trust it.  Build your fan base and make ads for THEM. This is the secret.

Jon utilizes the 4 step sales funnel:


You’ll need some tools to efficiently move prospects through the funnel.  **Power Editor** is where it’s at for Facebook Marketing.  It’s only available in Google Chrome.  This is seriously advanced stuff, so be sure to click through to the further explanations on the links below.  It offers:

Remarketing is also a great tool.  Target people who have visited your website with a WCA.  How do WCA’s work?  Wait…what IS a WCA?  It’s actually a Website Custom Audience.  You’ll like it.  Here’s how you do it 🙂

  • Add a single pixel to your website template
  • Facebook builds an audience of website visitors
  • Create rules based on duration (1 week, 1 month)
  • Create rules based on words found in the URL
  • Consider creating WCA’s for all visitors, visitors of a page or categories

Why use Website Custom Audiences?

  • Target visitors to your site who aren’t currently fans
  • Show blog readers the content they want
  • Reach a highly relevant group who has not yet subscribed

Create a custom audience with your email list, too.  Get a one column CSV of email addresses from MailChimp – or your current email program. Facebook has rules that these MUST be opt-in emails, don’t try to spam!  You can now reach a higher level of your email list with relevant content.

Lookalike audiences.  This is good stuff.  Facebook can find the top 1-5% of users similar to the list you upload, or your current fans.  Isn’t that cool?  Let them find your next prospects and automate targeting by interest!  Everyone is raving about this so even if it doesn’t make sense quite yet….. TRY IT ANYWAY 🙂

  • Use advanced demographics and target income, net worth, home type / ownership, and
  • Target behaviors.  Things like Facebook managers, people buying a Mustang, and more.
  • Audience insights.  These let you break down an audience by interest.  Check the pulse of your fan base and market to what they really want.  You might be surprised!

Take-away Techniques:

  • Prioritize the people closest to you.  Your email list, website visitors
  • Target users similiar to fans, subscribers, and customers.

Then take it wider to behaviors, and attempt to drive website traffic by:

  • Targeting fans and general website visitors (last 30 days)
  • Target similar readers (aka everyone who clicked on an ad for ____ )
  • You can exclude posts so you aren’t repetitive or sending to the wrong demographic

Offer a value ad for an email address, this is the main focus.  Secondarily,

  • Make it a goal to be around $1 per email address
  • Send leads to a landing page or Facebook tab


Remember, people buy from someone they know and trust.  Don’t expect people to buy who don’t know you yet, you’ll need to build a relationship with them.  Good suspects to sell to are:

  • Target people who abandoned the shopping cart.
  • Chase the 1% who actually click your ad with another ad, and then a 3rd ad.  Sometimes people need multiple touches to buy.
  • OR target people who bought _____ so they can now buy _______.  It works for Amazon, right??!  It could for you too.

Ultimately, get to know Power Editor, Website Custom Audiences, Email custom audiences, Lookalike audiences, Advanced Demographics and behaviors, and audience insights.  Yeah, it’s techie, but it helps you work smarter, not harder, so you can enjoy life!

If you’d like help implementing and sorting all this out, call Cal Coast at 888-281-7665 x2 now. or tweet @CalCoast for an appointment!


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