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Twitter Tools to Drive More Traffic to Your Content & Products

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 24 Oct 2014
Cool Twitter Tools every small business should have!

Cool Twitter Tools every small business should have!

Erik Fisher, the community manager of Social Media Examiner (we love you guys!!!) had some great Twitter insights in his Social Media Success Summit session.  Definitely ‘must share’ info and tips here, read on!

Everyone’s Common Twitter Complication:

What to tweet???  Consider balancing Creation vs Curation.  You need both to create dynamic Twitter traffic.  But there is only so much time in the day, and you need to take highest advantage of your time on Twitter.

Ready for Some Awesome Twitter Tools???

  • – they create and share other’s great content. Check out their suggestions tab, they start the curation process for you.
  • Daily App – select your favorite topics to share
  • Swayy – connect Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles to scan what your sphere is talking about.
  • – plugin your social accounts and they will send you a daily email.
  • Feedly – monitor your trends, writers, speakers.  If you liked Google reader….. this is for you.  What catches your attention?
  • – super cool graphs and stats on your Twitter account.  Love love love this one – go check it now.

When the Timing is Right….

The Twitter resources below will help you with the best times of day to tweet to your particular followers, and .  Know when your influence is at its highest!

Here’s mine just for fun.  Midday is where it’s at 🙂


Use hashtags.  Yes, annoying.  But powerful.

In order to be ahead of #hashtags, Check out

Another Goldmine resource:  Twitter analytics. It will tell you which Tweeps are sending the most traffic to your site.  Be sure to thank them and support them too!

BONUS TIP: Install Twitter cards – They don’t appear as a URL and have to be ‘clicked’ to show your stuff. Great way to maximize your Twitter space 🙂  You can make one yourself or have a marketing company like ours create one for you!

Ah, we love a session packed with good stuff!  If you need help implementing any Twitter tactics for your business just give us a call at 888-281-7665 x 2 or simply tweet with us @CalCoast.