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Maintenance & Security


Your website is complete. And it feels so good! Let’s keep it that way.

computer and network security conceptNo website is perfectly complete or perfectly secure. Like any marketing resource, they require maintenance. Like any software, they require updates.

Most websites have potential “loopholes” that can be a security threat.  These security flaws, errors and other vulnerabilities are what malicious users (‘hackers’) can abuse if they’re trying hard enough. The goal isn’t to make a website perfectly secure, that would take more time and money better spent elsewhere. But, some level of security is recommended.

Just like your car has scheduled maintenance and your iphone provides software updates, expect that your website will need updates too. Hackers look for “loopholes” or outdated versions of software.  Don’t let your website be vulnerable!

Website security is a complicated subject and you don’t want to go at it alone, especially if you’re not quite sure how everything works. Sign up for one of our special WordPress Maintenance & Security Upgrade packages to safely keep your theme, plugins, backups, and other software current. We recommend to update your template at least every 6-12 months, or when the enhanced version of one of your software in provided.

Cal Coast Web Design WordPress Maintenance & Security Packages*

Please note that our yearly packages are no longer available. If you are currently on a yearly package, your subscription will change to monthly a the end of your term.

Monthly Premium Cal Coast Managed Maintenance & Security Package with Updates – $99/mo

  • Fully managed site configuration and monitoring to safely keep your theme, plugins, backups, and other software current. Includes free site restoration as needed.
  • Includes 2 hours of monthly website maintenance – (Savings of $200/month)
  • Hours roll over 3 months or up to 6 hours.
  • Updates do not include marketing, copywriting, graphic design, or consulting. Note that we can only update your WordPress and website software and designs. Only site work completed on the domain is included in your package updates. If you need a separate set of login details, it probably isn’t connected to your site. When in doubt, feel free to ask.  Please request a custom quote here. 

Monthly Standard Cal Coast Managed Security Package without Updates- $49/mo

  • Managed site configuration and monitoring to safely keep your theme, plugins, backups, and other software current. Includes free site restoration as needed.
  • Does not include maintenance hours.

Package Details:

  • $149 1-time configuration fee for websites that were not created by Cal Coast Web Design.
  • All packages will terminate if not renewed on their anniversary.
  • Maintenance hours do not roll over for inactive accounts.
  • Automatic renewal can be arranged with a card on file.
  • Changes between plans, cancellations, and edits to payment plans can be inquired about by emailing
  • All websites with our security packages will begin protection after 90 days, even if the site has not been approved for a live launch.
  • All packages bought at a discounted or free rate as part of any promotion will auto-renew monthly unless Cal Coast Web Design is told otherwise by email.
  • Any additional help is at the discretion of your personal business liaison. 

WordPress Update – $99

  • Websites with WordPress version older than 4.2 will be an additional cost for additional updates. This one-time fee is applied to both Yearly and Monthly subscribers.

1-Time Custom Software Updates – Custom Quote

  • This includes a flat rate for 1 round of updates. Your site will get a 1 time updates to outdated software for the theme, core WordPress, plugins and a current backup. This package does not include any long term subscriptions or coordinating services

A La Carte Maintenance & Security Options

  • Monthly Backups: Choose to have them emailed to you or uploaded to Amazon, DropBox or Google Drive. (Additional fees may apply for account creation in one of these locations.) $100
  • Weekly Infinite Backups: Weekly backups with a 1 click options for restore. (Less than 1 hour to restore your site to a version within the last 30 days. Infinite backups available for an additional $300/yr) – $30/mo or $300/yr
  • AntiVirus & WordPress Malware & Security Scanner: Implement scheduled scans to send details to your email for action.(The WP Security Scan plugin performs a number of checks on your WordPress site to see if you have: the latest version of WordPress; changed the database table prefix from the default wp_; hidden the WordPress version; turned off reporting of database errors; removed the WP ID META tag; removed the default admin user; created an .htaccess file in the wp-admin folder – $150
  • Password Updates: If you are not using CCWD recommended and configured tools, you may want to update your previous logins with secure logins. –  $100
  • Secure FTP: FTP is used to manage content from a device to the web server. Secure it. – $75
  • Login Security Solution: Ensure that brute force attempts to guess your username and password are stopped. – $50
  • Login Security Add-on: Keep track of the IP addresses used by administrators. If an administrator tries to login from an unknown IP address an activation link is emailed to the registered email address of the administrator. Until the activation link is clicked the administration panel is blocked. Even if someone steals your WordPress username and password they will be unable to login unless they also have access to your email. – $50
  • File Monitoring: This plugin will monitor all the files in your WordPress site. If someone breaks into your site they will most likely add files to your site. These extra files can act as backdoors, which can potentially allow hackers to execute files from their own servers. – $75
  • Disable User Registration: If you don’t want people to be able to sign up on your site for anything, this can be disabled for minimal added security. – $25
  • Assign User Roles: Remove default administrator (common attack variable) and assign specific logins for team management. – $50
  • SSL Admin – Add a security certificate and login for your administration. $199 + $99/yr

Buy more than 3 upgrades and save 10%. Buy more than 5 upgrades and save 20%.

Reminder: Keep your PERSONAL computer safe. Ensure that the computers you use to log in to your blog:
Have a good anti-virus and malware scanner installed; Have a firewall installed; Have the latest Operating System updates.

Why This Point Is Important: If your computer has been infected with malware your WordPress login details can be stolen and sent silently to a hacker, who now has full access to your WordPress site.

Defend your site from attacks you never knew existed.

For more information about marketing or design maintenance packages, please contact us or call 888-281-7665 for more a custom estimate.