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When you sign up for one of our Social Media Marketing plans, you can choose from several different packages based on what you need and your budget. These costs are not standardized, and may change based on exactly what you need and how long it takes to put your chosen plan into action. To make it easier to navigate the various choices, you can use the table below or contact us for a free consultation!

Audit Consulting Engagement Coordinating Management
Getting To Know You Questionnaire
Assessment of Social Media Health
ROI Assessment of Social Platforms
Brand Dream Board/Goals
Social Media Post Editing/Proofing
Customer Connection w/Replies, Comments Suggested Hashtags
Content Made for Posting Feedback/Ideas
Re-purposed or Custom-Made Content
Consistent (5 per wk) Posting
Monthly Social Media Report w/video
Unique Contest/Giveaway Every 3rd Month
One-on-One Calls 1 Hour
Cost $100 - Discounted from further services $75/hourly [Buy 10 Hours, Get One Free] $300/month per platform [$800/month for 3 platforms] $500/month per platform [$1250/month for 3 platforms] $1250/month per platform [$3000/month for 3 platforms]

Social Media Audit – $100 [discounted from first month’s further services]

  • Getting to Know You Questionnaire
  • A report of all findings on active social media platforms as well as website
  • Evaluate social’s bio information for maximum impact
  • Evaluate image posts as as well as copy and hashtags to see if they’re on brand (If not currently on a platform, evaluation will include what name(s) are available across all desired platforms to make sure branding is consistent.)
  • Evaluate website for any copy errors and/or edits
  • Reporting on social media searches to see what others are saying about your company. (88% of consumers trust online reviews – know what’s being said about you!)
  • Reporting on ease in finding company’s social media channels, if applicable
  • Analysis on what platforms to be on for best ROI (For example:
  • 74% of people who follow small- and medium-sized businesses on Twitter do so to get updates on future products & 72% are more likely to make a future purchase from a company they follow.
    85% of Twitter users feel more connected to a business after they begin to follow them
    60% of people say they’d be willing to post about products/services on Facebook if they were offered a deal or discount

Social Media Consulting – $75/hourly [Buy 10 Hours, Get One Free]

  • Getting to Know You Questionnaire
  • Initial 2-hour Consultation
  • A Brand Dream Board designed to keep your messaging on track
  • Weekly Planner and Strategy templates to help keep you on track
  • Editing and proofing copy before you’re ready to post on social media [1 hour+/week]
  • Help exploring the right hashtags to use to find your target audience
  • Feedback and/or ideas on improving social media campaigns before they launch
  • Analysis on what platforms to be on for best ROI
  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly One on One Calls [1 hour]

Social Media Engagement – $300/month per platform [$800/month for 3 platforms]

  • Getting to Know You Questionnaire so we can best understand your vision and voice
  • Timely replies to comments and mentions across a given platform Monday-Friday, weekend comments to be responded to first thing Monday
  • Saved content, where applicable, that you can possibly share at a later date
    • Each month, we will send a Content Report recapping the saved posts you may want to re-post and share from your page
  • Intentional searches for mentions and/or keywords, where applicable, even if they haven’t tagged you in their post
  • Answered questions, where possible, and letting them know someone will get back to them with an answer as quickly as possible otherwise
    • If we don’t know the answer, we won’t pretend to! But we will send them a “looking into that for you!” type response and then send the inquiry to you via email. As soon as we know how to answer it, we will go back and follow up for you

Social Media Coordinating – $500/month per platform [$1250/month for 3 platforms]

  • Consistent posting (at least 5 per week) on given social media channel(s); creating different copy as necessary, if posting on separate channels  
    • Relevant hashtags to coordinate with posts
  • Repurposed older content that’s still relevant, when possible
  • Reposted or shared content when customers promote your brand
    • 88% trust online reviews making customers’ posts an immediate boost on ROI
  • Content added to “stories” where appropriate, if applicable
  • Monthly social media report, including:
    • First month – custom video to break down reporting
    • Biggest achievement
    • Biggest suggestion  
  • Monthly one-on-one call to discuss goals and direction for the next month
  • Unique contest/giveaway campaign – every 3rd month