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Social Media Marketing Plan

Why Social Media marketing plans are important

like Social media networking conceptBranding for your business

Cal Coast will ensure your business name, logo, and services appear on extremely influential social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, YouTube, Google+, and other social sites that relate to your industry. We’ll create a digital footprint and brand to your business online; which you can then connect to your website / blogs to increase exposure and brand recognition. In addition, we will program relevant keywords for your listing to help drive new business!

Building, facilitating, and maintaining relationships online

Cal Coast will ensure your business maintains a positive relationship with your networking contacts online. We will bring your business’ personality and interests into these pages and connect you with like minds. Utilizing the right time and effort, your social networking will develop into an online referral network which produces qualified leads and a positive cash flow!

Isn't Social Media just a fad??? How Social Media is changing the Internet

For archived versions of Socialnomics videos, CLICK HERE.


Social Networking is an ongoing process. Setup can take 2-20 hours, depending on your current online presence and how elaborate we make your profile.
Thousands if you DON’T do it!! Only $500 for 10 profiles.  Cal Coast also offers various tiers of ongoing social networking services at flat or hourly rates – check our blog post for details!!

Its easy, these things just take TIME! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to and set up your business profile. Fill in your business’ information, including website and hours of operation. Don’t forget to add keywords!!!     Invite your current and past coworkers to connect with you, as well as all your networking contacts and sphere.
  2. Go and set up your business like page. Invite your friends, coworkers, and resellers to connect with you.
  3. Go to and set up your business profile. DO NOT mix with your personal unless you are a perfect angel, lol!! Also invite your business contacts to connect with you.
  4. Search for popular blogs and LinkedIn groups on subjects pertaining to your business. (ie Active Rain for Realtors) Subscribe to these niches, contribute valuable comments, and become a member of the community.  Go back to all of the above and contribute at LEAST monthly, weekly is best.
  5. Remember to keep the mindset of relationship building, NOT selling, when you are social networking.
  6. Email to register for one of our Social Media Seminars.  Seminars are typically held on the 1st Friday of the month in our Lake Forest office.  Prices range from FREE to $49. Contact us at 877-230-3211 for more details!