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Press Release Service Packages


Print exposure can be used as a sales and lead generation tool!

Let’s be honest, its easy to make the sale when the newspaper or magazines plug your product or service. We will provide you right words to get noticed by editors and authors in your industry, so you can have these gems for your sales presentation. Plus, you are likely to get calls from the people who are reading these publications, too, its win-win! We also do ONLINE press releases if print pricing is out of your range.

Adopting a public relations campaign can be an economical way to help increase your company’s visibility with potential customers as well as build your brand and add credibility to your products or services. Trade publications and other media outlets are starving for new, unique information to publish in their magazines or newsletters and will often lift content about a product or service directly from press releases sent to them.

The packages outlined below assume yearly contracts and are priced per month. Packages can be tailored to fit your needs, and we will be more than happy to create a custom campaign for you.


Press SEO Blast

Press SEO Blitz


$199 One-Time Fee $299 One-Time Fee $399 One-Time Fee $799 One-Time Fee
Guaranteed News Placement 250: News & Media Sites 385: News, Media, & Authority 550: News, Media, & Authority 550: News, Media, & Authority
PR Writing (L1= 400 Words) $97 $97 Level 1
Level 1
PR Writing (L2= 800 Words) $199
PR (SEO) Optimization
PR Report
# of Releases 1 1 1 3 Pack
# of Keyword Variations Linked 2 2-3 2-3
Video Embed
Syndication Visibility Local Only Local or National Local or National Local Or National
48 Hour RUSH $30 $30 $30 $30 Each
Sent to Google & Bing
Google News Guarantee
Added to Industry News Feeds
Social Sharing Enabled
Social Syndication
Blogger Blast