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Automating systems with Powerpoint presentation design

powerpoint-presentationWant your business presentation on-the-go?

Cal Coast will work with you to create a web-based powerpoint, slideshare, or Google presentation you can distribute to all your sales or service forces. This will help you create better, consistent systems in your business and increase your ROI. In addition, we will upload the powerpoint to your website or blog so you can access it online, anytime!

Never forget the right words – make the sale EASY!

Even the best training won’t help your salespeople answer all the concerns about your product or service if they don’t have a guide in front of them. If you anticipate those concerns and address them methodically in every powerpoint presentation, it will make it easier on your sales force to consistently close deals.

Most times just one week, sometimes 30 days for large orders.
Just $699 for a 10 slide presentation (if you provide the text and most images)

Its easy, these things just take TIME! Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Create a storyboard that outlines each screen or slide of your presentation. It should include headlines you would like, image ideas, theme ideas, and your rough text.
    2. Open Powerpoint on your computer or go to the presentation section of your Google Drive.
    3. Choose a theme
    4. Add a slide – have your storyboard near as your guide
    5. Add all your slides and transitions
    6. Save, upload to your website and burn on CD or flash drives for your sales or service teams.