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Networking group marketing, promotion, and growth

NetworkingGroupCal Coast loves to help networking groups, meetup groups, Chambers of Commerce, and other niche communities grow their numbers both on and offline!

Business networking and social media

Social media is an excellent way to add value to your networking or interest group.  You’ll find and connect with like minds, promote existing members, and stay in front of past or inactive members.  Depending on the goals and size of your networking group, we offer various solutions to increase exposure on the internet.  For example, here’s a blog we created and maintain for Orange County LeTip members.  Here’s a sample Facebook event we created for The OC Home Fair.  How may we help enhance the experience your group has to offer?

Are you or someone you know in any of the following networking groups?

BNI     LeTip     Chamber of Commerce     Toastmasters     Young Professionals     Meetup     PTA     HOA     Clubs     Financial     Political     RBN     eWomenNetwork    


We can help add value and grow networking groups with the following services:

Social Media


Search Engine Optimization

Self-service Database and Directory

Are you a power member the board?  How would it help your membership retention to feature members on your blog every week or every month?  Would it help you gain members if you were uploading photos, videos, and tagging your members on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?  Might you engage more prospects through lively LinkedIn groups?  Offline networking works BEST when you add online elements for easy recognition, promotion, and lead conversion! 🙂

Group training for Networkers

Cal Coast offers both hands on or presentation style group training for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogging, SEO, and other social media platforms for all kinds of various networking associations in Southern California.  Contact us at 888-281-7665 x2 for more information, scheduling, and fees.

  Want to support your networking group?

Read up on our blog for ways an individual member can make a big difference.

Both online and offline networking are ongoing tasks, however, Cal Coast offers one time training, consultation packages, and ongoing weekly services to fit the needs of your particular group!
Just contact us at 888-281-7665 x2 or fill out the form on your left for a customized quote! We are happy to work around any budget.

Its easy, these things just take TIME! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for a blog – make sure to choose a keyword seeded name!
  3. Setup profiles for your group on YouTube, Meetup, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, and others
  4. Add all social networks to your group’s blog.
  5. Start posting on all of the above – at least once a week is best.
  6. Remember to utilize and feature your members – consider ‘appointing’ someone to run each social network. They will be more involved, and your group will have many hands working toward a common goal.