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SES 2007 – Search Engine Q & A on Links

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 23 Aug 2007

Day 3
Track 4: Search Engine Q & A on Links

Panel Members:
Peter Linsley of
Shashi Thaur of Google
Sean Suchter of Yahoo! Search
Eytan Seidman of

Shashi Thakur – Google:
Where do links come from?
In the old days…
– People created lists of my favorites
– Google thought it was important for the “vote.”

That’s why things got messy.

Good Linking:
– A link from your page is like a personal reference. Its like giving a recommendation. It says a lot about you.
– Needs to be on topic. Links must be relevant to the page, and useful to the visitor
– Must be visible – no frames!
– Needs good anchor text

Bad Linking:
– Attempts to manipulate search engines and rankings by getting or by trading gratuitous links.
– Of low values to users and search engines

Sean Suchter – Yahoo:

Quick Tip #1: If you must re-organize your site, be sure to use 301 redirects ON THE SAME SITE!

Quick Tip #2: Link Farming is no good. Links are typically not good all at once (with the exception of viral marketing). Too much interlinking could look like spam.

Eytan Seidman –
Webmaster tools releasing soon will provide “site:” capabilities.

Often times Blogger, WordPress, TypePad and other blog platforms do not allow 301 redirects to a new blog. Replacing your old blog with a link to your new blog, doesn’t give you any linking credit to the new site and also loses visitors in between sites! If you cant do a 301 redirect, utilize a meta refresh!

End of day 3…Lets get ready to party!

It sounds like links are still important to your organic placement, which is contrary to some recent articles published. I'm glad.

I am so thick-headed with the blog redirect though. What do you think is the best thing to do? I'm thinking its a situational thing. Even after the conference, I have so many conflicting opinions to consider. Someone enlighten me.
Pretty basic linking information here but I like seeing these laid out on a page. I can remember back when links where just favorites lists of things we put on our sites that we wanted to share with other people.

One tip I don’t think enough people look at though is “Of low values to users and search engines”. Many people still talk to me and state that they want to get a ton of links added to their site. They are always shocked when I tell them that they need quality links not quantity.
thanks for the info, im happy that i saw your blog here.

ann torres