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Why is my friend, web consultant, email telling me I should delete my links page?

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 13 Mar 2009

Q: Why is my friend, web consultant, email telling me I should delete my links page?

A: We heard the same thing over here. Basically, the search engines are forever changing their means by which they rank sites. Its a lot to keep up on so Cal Coast, Advanced Access and other SEO companies keep up on it for you 🙂

What this email is saying is that Yahoo has recently started penalizing sites for link exchange. This used to be HUGE in the SEO world. Linking was HOT and now its not. Google does leave a little importance on linking however Yahoo is penalizing for it.

Advanced Access has recommended you remove all your realtor links. Cal Coast has a similar plan. This month we would like to remove all but a couple links in each state. We will contact your current link exchange sites and inform them of this new change. We then will allow them to keep their link in exchange for a paragraph of content on real estate in that state and or pictures associated.

This way your links pages are now pages with content – what all search engines love. We will need to remove most of the links though. I know it took a a lot of time to do this but it was the way to high rankings up until just this month.

There is no need to have Advanced Access do anything for you at this point because they will just be deleting your pages entirely.

I think is would be best to fill those pages with content, RSS feeds and just two or three quality links! Please let me know if you are comfortable with this. Feel free to contact me with nay questions. Hope all is well. Thanks and have a wonderful day!