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What’s Not Working?

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 05 Oct 2007

Yesterday I had a Consultation Call with one of the many Cal Coast Web Design clients and the call went into territory regarding sessions versus hits and comparing those statistics to the Cal Coast web report. Although I am no stranger to this subject it’s not something that I think about to much as I primarily focus on how your site is performing in search engines and don’t always compare the two different types of data.

This call began like any other Consultation Call. I started by going over the clients web report for September and compared it to August’s data so we could see what kind of improvements were made throughout the various search engines over the course of one months time. Since this client hired Cal Coast to handle their search engine optimization, they have continued to gain positioning in all of the search engines. This client is experiencing the slow steady climb that all SEO clients experience when they do well. The client’s first concern was that we weren’t seeing any huge jumps in positioning. You will want to remember that huge jumps can and do happen but they are not the norm and so they should not be expected. Anyone doing a good job handling your SEO needs will always generate data that shows your website slowly but steadily climbing up in positioning. I communicated this information to the client which was understood however this was not her primary concern.

Now that she understood that the SEO part of her website was working for her she brought up the subject of traffic. I’ve always been told and said myself that it’s easy to get people to your website but that getting them to stick around, read your information and contact you is a whole other ball game. This client pulled up the traffic stats provided to her by her actual web hosting company. The data she used compared this years traffic to last years traffic. Compared to last September she had a drop off of over 1000 sessions a month. While we both agreed that poor real estate market conditions play a small part in this decrease in visitors, to lay sole blame on that would be folly.

She was under the assumption that her drop in traffic was attributed to the SEO Cal Coast handles for her. I explained that this was clearly not the case since 98% of her positions were up. I went on to further explain that the Cal Coast report tells us people are getting to your site but that her traffic statistics indicated that these people aren’t staying on the site once they’re there. This client is a smart cookie so I didn’t have to delve into great detail and by my explanations end she had a clear understanding of what was going on.

The point of this story? Well normally even with a good web report I will advise Cal Coast clients that we focus on specific keywords for this month’s blogging and linking, keywords that aren’t doing as well as some of their others. In this case however it was painfully clear that this client needed not a focus on their linking and blogging but rather a sharp hard focus on solutions that would help keep the traffic on their website once they got there.

So what can you do if you find yourself in a similar position? Well many of the solutions to this problem are going to be content related. You as well as Cal Coast will need to communicate and review all of the content on your website. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • How much content do I have on my website?
  • How old is this content?/When did I last add information to my website?
  • Is this content detailed and specific enough?
  • Does this content relate to the areas I service, my services, myself?
  • How is the content displayed?
  • Is my content overwhelming, underwhelming, vague?
  • What kind of “Calls to Action” do I have? Should I add more? Should I remove some?
  • Should I consider offering freebies to those who contact me?
  • What other types of incentives can I give visitors so that they remain on my site and/or contact me?
  • Is my content broken up by images, or some form of multimedia?

These are some of the first and most basic questions you should ask yourself if you find yourself in this position. Many times website owners and designers will place content onto a website with reckless abandon without ever thinking of its presentation. Abundant information is good but if it’s just paragraph after paragraph reading becomes monotonous and people will become bored/frustrated and leave. You want your content to be as detailed as possible but you also want things that draw the attention of the visitor, like Calls to Action. Simple buttons or imagery goes a long way especially when there’s a lot of text information to absorb. Quite simply, make your information attractive.

When all else has failed, you should consider offering freebies to those visitors who contact you, register themselves through your website, or turn into a lead of some sort. It can be a pair of movie tickets to their local cinema, or it can be an entry into a larger raffle like drawing you hold at the end of the month for a more comprehensive prize. There are many things you can offer a visitor as incentive to stick around that don’t cost a lot of money and generally help increase your visitor to contact ratio.

Should you have questions about any of this please contact us and we’ll be happy to go into more detail!