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We finished my meta tag package and I’m still not coming up for a specific keyword. Why

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 13 Mar 2009

Q: We finished my meta tag package and I’m still not coming up for a specific keyword. Why?”

A: Keyword research and meta tag creation are a big part of optimizing your website to get traffic via the search engines. Finding the keywords people are typing in is important so that you know what terms to use in your meta tags AND your content and linking. To increase your rankings on your web site there are many steps to be taken. Remember that keyword research is only Phase 1 of the SEO process. There are basically, 3 main components to SEO (search engine optimization). They are as follows:

1. Meta tags. This is where we add special keyword to your sites code for the spider to read when they arrived on your site. For a very small business with a VERY targeted niche and properly written text on their site, will sometimes only need this step to find some traffic going to their site for those terms. This is unfortunately NOT the case 99% of the time. If it was really that simple (and inexpensive) to get to the top of the search engines, wouldn’t everyone be at the top making millions? Impossible, right? To be at the top of the search engines, you simply have to have more relevant information that pertains to the keyword you want to rank for than your competition. For many industries and sites, that means keeping up with your competition to apply new SEO tactics to your site.

2. Content – Content is king, you will need to have content written that is geared toward the keywords you are looking to come up for. Content is anything that your user can see on your site. It;s videos, images, interactive pieces and text. Although all are important to your sites success, the search engines REALLY care about your text. Remember, search engines weren’t created to sell our product or service. They were created to be an online resource for people. Give them what they want, good, quality, relevant information pertaining to your keywords that HELP the end user, not sell them your stuff 😉

For example: If optimizing for a term like “professional photo organizer” and “home office organizer”, you will want to create a “landing” page for each of those keywords. On that page you should ideally have more content and resources that integrate that term on your site than the other sites that come up in the search engines for that term. Don;t overdo it here though. It needs to sound grammatically correct and easy to read. If you just stuff a short paragraph full of keywords, that’s spam and certainly DOES NOT help you. A good rule of thumb is 5%. Now if you need 5% of your content to have your keyword and have more content than your competitor, you are often times creating a large page with lots of resources and information.

Don’t worry about giving away your “secrets” here. People want to know as much about your company and the process as possible. They wont however, want to do the work all themselves one they see what it entails. The more info your site has, the merrier. If you don’t know what you are talking about, then link out to sites that do with text that incorporates your keyword. 🙂 Remember the internet is the main place where people go to research information, then make an educated decision on what to purchase. If your site does not take the time to educate, the consumer will not take the time to purchase.

3. Link Popularity – a combination of the amount of sites which you link to, and that link back to you. You get more “brownie points” if they are related to the business or theme of your website. Get as much link popularity as you can, and keep on networking for more. There comes a point where this can be overdone, be careful, work with professionals like Cal Coast to make sure you’re always on the right path. Don’t ever just link to anyone, that isn’t what gives you the credit. It’s the link back that help. Anyone linking to you cant hurt, but you linking to a site that isn’t creditable can hurt so be sure to “screen your links.”

If you did your keyword research with Cal Coast Web Design then you may remember the “high school metaphor.” Link popularity is very much like when you are in high school. If you are not so popular but start “hanging out” with the popular kid, suddenly, you become more popular with all the kids in school. Your site is the unpopular kid (that’s why you need SEO), the sites we want to get a link from from are poplar kids. Because we have a quality site (popular kid) linking to us, it tells the search engines and other sites (other kids) that you must be quality too.

Linking to your site is important but linking with keywords is much more effective. Often time our company name or domain name does not reflect what our site is about. Linking with your keywords validates that is what you are about. Why else would it be on another site? That doesn’t mean stop a link if it cant be completed exactly like that. Links are good in themselves if they don’t require a link back and is from a respectable site.

Cal Coast gets these quality links back to your site through many avenues. We may have some general directories to submit you to but industry specific directories and sites are even better for your rankings! Sometimes when we invest time to do this but don’t come across sites that are ranked high in Google PR. Rather than just saying, “Its no good enough,” we evaluate the site and if the content is good or relates to your industry then we add a link anyway.

If the site is focusing on adding content and expanding then its only a matter of time before it does get indexed wall and have a good Google PR. Why not submit now while we are there and its easy to get in without any extra costs? If it has not have been crawled yet, it may be soon. We have to remember that it could get indexed later. Also, who knows, maybe it gets indexed well in another large engine that you didn’t check.

We also use link exchange where you trade links. We like to blog on other bogs that pertain to your industry, start your own blog to write about terms in your site. You either link back to your own site with a keyword or you are essentially optimizing your blog too. Why not have 2 listings in the search engine ranking results (SERPs) – your blog and your site! Twice the opportunity for business!

Press releases and article submissions regarding your topic also get submitted to creditable sites and link back to you with text you wrote on what else but your keyword you want to be indexed for!

Cal Coast also likes to incorporate Viral Marketing into your link popularity campaign. Viral marketing is simply any piece of marketing on the web (a page, a video, a tool or gadget, top 10 list, whatever) that is so “awesome” that people want to share the word about it. When people get the word out, that means sharing it with others via means of LINKING! What a way to get lots of reputable links back at one time!

Social Networking is another component of linking. Social networking websites are tools that allow you in some form or another leave your business information on the website and usually will also let you place a link back to your website within your information. Social networking websites not only allow users to share and trade information but are an excellent way to get your business/website information out to the public.

This validates you and your company as a respectable community member. Being trusted in a social network means having dozens of new potential clients and interaction with your target market to find out more about what they do want! Once a relationship is established it can be easier to help someone in your network that could use your product or service. Remember, you aren’t selling anything in a social environment. Social networks smell salesmen. You are simply there to help. If your product or service happens to help (which it will since you chose the right network), then great!

Anyway, you can see that there are several components of SEO. Each one of the mentioned above have thousands of technique to implement within them. The secret is simply having more of the good stuff the SE’s (search engines want) than your competition.

If you don’t see your site coming up for a term you want, then you probably need to try more of the above avenues for that particular keyword. Cal Coast would be happy to customize an action plan for your website should you wish. Simply contact us at to set up a consultation.