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The Consultation Calls Are Coming!

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 22 Sep 2007

Hello everyone! As the end of September approaches all Cal Coast Web Design clients will once again be receiving an invitation to partake in a Consultation Call. Last month I talked to 5 people regarding their website performance and gave them tips and strategies on where we should go with their sites next. There are far more than just five Cal Coast clients and I wanted to take today’s blog to remind everyone how important it is to stay involved with your website.

Those of you who participated in the call all told me how valuable the call was because it both updated you with your sites performance and I was able to answer any questions and/or concerns you had about your website. Everyone also said how nice it was to receive proactive service from a company.

Again my theme for blogging in September has been “staying involved or being proactive with your website” and I want to re-emphasize that again. Participating in these calls will give you an idea as to how your website is performing. For those of you who are doing well the call will at the very least let you know that your hard earned dollars are being well spent and those of you who aren’t doing as well as they’d like, the call will go over what’s working and what isn’t for your website. From there I will offer suggestions and brainstorm with you to find new ways to make your website more search engine and visitor friendly.

If you don’t know where your website stands within search engines then I would encourage you to participate in at least one Consultation Call. Who doesn’t want to know what their money is doing for them? I have been working on websites and the Internet since 1993 and have seen many a website come and go. Those who get involved and stay involved with their websites succeed online. Those that don’t, do not.

Please contact us with any questions regarding the search engine optimization of your website and be on the look out for your invitation to Octobers Consultation Call!