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SES 2008 – Creating a Cohesive search strategy across multiple business units

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 22 Aug 2008

Day 4 session 2

Shoot I was so excited about the local I was blabbing with Ang and now I have no plug. This will be a short one J

Creating a cohesive search strategy across multiple business units.

David Roth with Yahoo was up first. He showed us a lot of the tools Yahoo uses internally. He’ll be focusing on the Yahoo marketing (paid search)

Half a battery. David get to the good stuff. La la la la ok ok here we go…

Search is the best way to acquire customers, even inf you’re among the biggest siteso n the web
Yahoo runs search marketing campaigns across the organization that include paid search, SEO, and more

So many places to adversise, personals, services, small business, media, finance, sports and news,

So many business models…how to make sense of it?
Lead Generation
CPM Revenue

They use Live Time Value concept, and optimize it:
What is the lifetime value of a conversion?
What is the nex present value of that lifetime revenue stream?
What is the acceptable profit margin?
It works for SEO, too.

Quantifying opportunity
Constructing an opportunity report:
Establish predictive models for SEO traffic
Build virtual SEO clickspace for yahoo properties
Compare virtual performansce again seo competitors
Identify gaps
Attach value
Rince and repeat

Product development process
Conceptwireframesdesigndevelopmntlaunchpost launch if u can’t quantify it…it doesn’t exist. Measure everything. Reforecast. Define who does what and give them deadlines. Use common templates. Standardize it. Angela likes u..u must be gold lol. Measuring success. Create a simple scorecard. Send management reports. Case study: small business section. They outsource to searchrev to do. He’s up next… Ps yahoo is hiring sem managers and analysts question? How did u get everyone on the same page with the reports? And how do u get the managers to submit reports on time? They worked with marketing opps finance and they have a strong vp. Build credibility with your people andhigher ups to get everyone on the same page. Write the policies…long process but worth it edwardo w. Searchrev was up now… How did they take the acct, manage it and optimize it? They use propriety tech they built to help yahoo out. domain challenge – how do we compete w. Godaddy. factors for success.Optimize front end, optimize conversion, continue to test. front end: traffic. All web hosting clicks aren’t equal. Some have better conv than others. Day of week, location, country, all kinds of factors higher conv- higher bidslower conv- lower bids tailoring specifically like this increases conversions 50 percent. backend: lifetime value…how to convert domains to hosting? track, watch registration page. Domain conversion page assign 10 value. Hosting conversion assign 100 value. Both 110. This improved hosting orders by 20 percent. Domain has 5x the traffic and 4x the orders than hosting…but hosting value is 10x. Think about this with your products creatives…changing and tuning yahoo personals clickthrus. Then change the page and measure, changing pg 55 per conv look at clickthrus and conversions!!! They tried geo targeting dating pages and it sucked. Local dating cpcs were too high even tho conversions great. Coke case study, remember your branded terms too its not just general. Success….Optimize traffic, conversions and keep testing. Questions.Who assigns lifetime value? Finance group and business unit together. Average your past and try to predict off that data. Competitive data..what tools to use? Hitwise or comscore or trellian, 3rd party ranking services. Do you do modeling to compare sem vs seo? run campaigns together and track the lift. This helps u guage cost per click how much does offline ads from comp affect your online? In coke case search closes the loop. they ran inexpensive campaigns and it lifted arounf oscar time. Way cheaper than the commercials. Always run online camp with offline.