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SES 2007 – What Have I Learned?

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 11 Sep 2007

I spent part of Sunday night and half of Monday morning reading over all of the Cal Coast Web Design posts regarding SES. Needless to say I was exhausted tired of hearing about SEO by the time finished reading and commenting on all the posts.

I talked a bit about staying involved with your website last week and there where several posts made by Angela that dealt with tips on how owners can get involved and organize their websites. One of the biggest things I took away from this year’s Search Engine Optimization conference was that owners should do a lot of research before setting up a site and even before choosing a designer or a Search Engine Marketer. Once those choices have been made it’s extremely important that the owner of the website have a strong idea of who their target audience is, what they expect to see and find on the site ever before speaking to a designer.

If you as the owner can communicate this to your designer and search engine marketer, your website will have a leg up over many of the other sites out there. Another big theme I noticed this year was that there was an emphasis on options. Your website should give its visitors as many options for its products and/or services as possible. A good example of this is when Angie said she was shopping online and couldn’t find a site that offered next day delivery. The site she found that offered that option along with the others got her business. My point? Always think about what options your clients will want. Different tiers of a service or perhaps multiple shipping options are things you may want to consider. I’ve shopped online and had to use alternate sites because one or two of the sites I liked didn’t accept the type of payment I wanted to use.

So again here are a few other ways you the owner can be proactive with your site, which is always beneficial to you and your site. If you think of any new options or just have modifications that need to be made, please contact us and give us your thoughts and comments!