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SEO Tips for Business TOMORROW on

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 4 Tags
  • 30 Jan 2012

Do you dream of higher Google rankings, but think its just a farfetched fantasy for your business? After all, you have work and clients to attend to…who has time for that internet stuff?? Sure, your competitor is doing well in Google, but they have a much bigger budget than you do… Or do they? *Maybe* they just know the right optimization tricks.

Does your business need SEO tips?

Join Angie Weeks, Cal Coast Web Design’s founder, tomorrow at 9am on as she unveils some easy to implement SEO and social media success tips. Whether you’re just starting a business, or you’re established but looking for new ideas, this will be a great show to tune in to!

In addition to demystifying SEO myths, you’ll learn why SEO and Social Media is a must for effective marketing. Have you had a bad internet marketing experience or hesitate because someone you know has? We’ll also go over the traps to avoid, and why not all SEO experts are the same.

Angie is honored to be interviewed by Mike Brenhaug, one of the best in Orange County when it comes to a Business & Focus Coach. Mike recently authored a best selling Amazon book about transforming a negative into a positive – we highly recommend to pick it up – it’s called WTF. The sooner you read the book, the less WTF moments you’ll have 😉

Here’s that link again – hope you’ll tune in tomorrow at 9am! Angie will also be answering your questions if you’d like a some FREE internet marketing advice.