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SEO For Dummies

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 3 Tags
  • 26 Sep 2008

From the people that have brought you the “For Dummies” series of books which focus on teaching the general public the basics of numerous types of computer related issues, continue the series with Search Engine Optimization For Dummies.

This book focuses on how to increase rankings and placement within the Internets top browsers like Google, MSN and Yahoo.

SEO For Dummies covers issues like determining whether or not your site is invisible to the search engines. Some sites won’t be considered “relevant” to the search engines due to lack of content or use of the wrong content, like Flash, images, video and text that is embedded into an image.

Those are all great bells and whistles to have, but they mean nothing if you don’t have porper keyword seeding and text. The search engines can’t read Flash, images and video, and will not pick up text that is part of an image.

SEO For Dummies also covers how to implement your keywords and terms in the most efficient way, like seeding keywords into your domain name. Using proper description tags is another great topic that is discussed.

Be sure to use full keyword analysis to help expand on terms and phrases. Some people may call your product something other than what you call it so explore all your options.

How about linking? Proper linking is a great way to get rankings and get noticed as a reliable and relevant site. When you get noticed as relevant and reliable, people will want to link to you and when people link to you, you increase your chances of one more people clicking to view your site.
Try linking to friends and family, employees, manufacturers and companies you do business with.

How about if you’re selling product online? SEO For Dummies goes over the directories that are used most by the public. You will learn which ones are the most relevant as well as which ones are free and which ones will cost you.

This book doesn’t stop at the above mentioned items though! There are many many more tips and issues covered, so if you’re starting up a site for the first time and need some advice or tools to get your webpage going, go out and grab Search Engine Optimization for Dummies!