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NEW!!! Organic SEO Packages – surf’s up!

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 6 Tags
  • 11 Aug 2009

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to announce it first on our blog – Angela and I went out of town this week and we’re returning with completely restructured SEO packages! Everyone wanted flat monthly rates, no start up fees, and page one top 10 guarantees. Well……YOU GOT IT!

Click on our SEO packages above to see a full comparison, read client commentary, and even preview actual ranking reports. If you’re an existing client on one of our alphabet soup packages, don’t worry, we’re not changing anything with your agreement 😉

For our resellers, all the new packages have been uploaded to your reseller center. If you’re interested in reselling our new packages, we can set that up too. Just call 888-281-7665 or visit our reseller section for more details.

If you know someone who would be interested in one of our new packages, forward them this blog post or share it on your facebook. Friends don’t let friends waste advertising dollars.