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New Cal Coast Opportunity: Linking With OrangeCounty.Net

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 6 Tags
  • 17 Mar 2015

ocnet-logo has generously offered to help Cal Coast Web Design and our neighbors with linking services at a discounted rate!

What is a linking service?

OrangeCounty.Net is a website that lists resources around Orange County. Businesses, attractions, places to be, places to see, real estate, education, and everything in between has a place! OrangeCounty.Net gets 3 MILLION visitors a year, so you know people will see your page!

Cal Coast Web Design can help get your business or personal website their own place with this new package deal.

What does it include?

  • Business linking on OrangeCounty.Net’s business section
  • 4 different categories for linking: You can list your business with a picture and description under four different links! This help with your Google ranking and how many people will find your site. For example, Cal Coast can be listed under ‘business opportunities’, ‘computer services’, ‘website services’, and ‘Internet & media services’.
  • Event Announcements & Coupon Promotions: Up to 20 different announcements and offers per year! This can help entice clients further with your linking and media campaigns.
  • Featured Article Submissions: If you have something educational to share with the community, welcomes featured articles that will show off your expertise!

If you sign up with Cal Coast, you can get a discounted price of 10% off of the linking subscription per year!

hot-tipLinking is important for any business website. You want to get your business name out into the market, and online services such as Google are the best way to do it. The more reputable places link to you, the higher the chance is that people will visit your page. The more people visit your page, the higher your rank gets on search engines. You want that elusive top spot for as many of your keywords and search terms.

Even if someone is just curious about Orange County and what there is to see, having a link on a site like OrangeCounty.Net lets them easily and conveniently see your website along with other local points of interest. How many people visit your site per day? How many more do you think would take a look out of that 3 million? The extra traffic can get you more clients than you’d get on your own.

Whether your site is designed by Cal Coast or not, this opportunity for discounted linking with could bring you new clients! It’s the newest of our services, let us help you build your company’s online presence through Search Engine Optimization, brand management, blog services, and much more. Contact us at or call us at (949) 345-1932 for details!