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Mobilegeddon Is Here: Surviving Google’s Mobile Changes

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 7 Tags
  • 30 Apr 2015

On April 21, 2015, a change swept through Google ranking algorithms. They determine who has the top spots in searches for their keywords and terms – whether you’re the first person on someone’s search, or the last. This has upset a great many themes, plans, website layouts and marketing plans as many struggle with websites losing their top rankings. (Our Orange County SEO teams are all about those rankings!)

You can read the official news announcement here. You need to be careful that your business website doesn’t lose it’s placment!



What will this change bring? 

  • Increased ranking based on being mobile-friendly.
  • Increased ranking based on layout, speed, and responsiveness.
  • Decreased ranking for trouble or missed requirements of the above.

from-the-expertsWondering if your site is up to Google’s new algorithm standards? Check your site here.

What if your site isn’t mobile friendly?

You’ll want to upgrade your WordPress or other website layout, buttons, links and other responsive variables for phones, tablets, and other devices! Many older (and how quickly they age in just a few years!) templates and layouts just aren’t made for current user “needs”. You may have to get your site overhauled with a new responsive layout update. A key part of organic SEO is keeping abreast of trends in technology and web design.

Failure to do so can lose your ranking compared to your competitors!

We can help! We’re on top of this change, and can help you design your site around what Google wants to see when ranking. Cal Coast Web Design offers a wide variety of responsive website design & mobile marketing services and features that can help you accommodate Google’s recent algorithm and try to stay at the head of your local online market.

What can we do to help you take action from this change?

  • Update your website themes and templates to be mobile friendly and responsive,
  • Make sure your website works in different browsers and on different devices,
  • Check and fix compatibility issues between different viewers,
  • Optimization for higher Google rankings, social media optimization, and more!

from-the-expertsBut don’t just take it from us. Want the dirty details? We make sure to follow the latest and greatest from the zen masters of our industry and there are some GREAT articles about Mobilegeddon out there with lot’s of resources, checklists and more…

But before you start worrying about your website losing its spot in the ranking lists, email us at or call (888) 281-7665 to see what we can do for your Orange County business website. We want to see you on the front page just as much as you do. Contact Cal Coast Web Design today about getting ready for the change with updated Orange County internet marketing!