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  • 09 Jan 2008

Good evening everyone! Again we talk a lot about blogging and how to make sure your blogging efforts work well for you. We have offered you many different tips on how to blog, when not to blog, and how to be creative when you blog. Last night we spoke of Social Networking Websites and how they should be used as an addendum to your blogging. Tonight we’d like to talk about writing articles.

The purpose of writing articles is extremely similar to Social Networking Websites. It is simply another way to get links planted out on the Internet so that viewers of these articles and the search engines will see and have an opportunity to visit your website. So essentially articles can further help with search engine optimization and boost traffic.

So now you’re asking yourself, “what type of article do I write and where to I post these articles?” Quite simply you’ll want to write an article consisting of roughly 500 characters that centers around one or two of your keywords. When you write any article you want to avoid mentioning your company name and/or using your keywords in excess. If care is not taken in the previously mentioned areas your article will most likely be declined and you’ll thus be forced to start again.

Once you have your article written you can submit them to any of the various online magazines out there. Below are a just a few sights you can submit articles too.

Most of these sites will allow you to submit an unlimited number of articles without charging you any fees though it may take a couple of weeks for the majority to either approve or decline your submissions. Remember articles allow you to further saturate the Internet with your keywords and links to your website. This can be used in conjunction with blogging much as Social Networking Websites are.

Should you have any questions, please contact us so that we may help you.

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