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The Orange County Economy – According to Search

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 27 May 2009

Its funny, a man walked into Orange County Computer today and I overheard his conversation from our back office. He said he never uses the phone book anymore, but he did THIS time to find computer repair services, because its so hard to find what he’s looking for locally. I sighed and laughed, I KNOW!

We don’t read a lot of good news, so I will take a moment to report some myself! I was just doing some keyword research with Google’s keyword selector tool, and I’m happy to report that search volume is above normal for many industries. What does this mean? Well, it means more and more people are searching for things. Hopefully, your business has those things they are searching for…

These numbers aren’t so bad…are they?!?

  • orange county california in april=301,000 historic=201,000
  • california stores in april=301,000 historic=135,000
  • anaheim ca homes in april=90,500 historic=40,500
  • orange county hotel in april=22,200 historic=18,100
  • orange county restaurants in april=22,200 historic=18,100
  • orange county relocation in april=720 historic=480
  • orange county apartments in april=14,800 historic=9,900
  • orange county cars in april=27,100 historic=6,600 **baffled… how many dealerships closed lately?**

Home and property searches are above average in every city right now, and so was pretty much every other industry I looked in. BUT, I see a TON of available commercial properties! So…..are people really not buying or are businesses missing the boat on where they need to appear online? It seems to me there is plenty of interest out there, and our ‘search economy’ is strong.

Hopefully someday soon people can use the internet to find things they want inside a neighborhood or business park, let alone a city or county. We’re not there yet, though! You can do your part by submitting your business to Yahoo and Google local – we even have a $199 special to make it easy for you!

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  • | May 27 2009
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If the Web designing testimonials aren’t readily available ask, and verify them. Call or email the references and ask how their experience was with the designer and if they were satisfied with the work.
SEO is as necessary as advertising in the Yellow Pages Book was 15 years ago. Many companies either market online or hard copy. It is important to accurately identify who your target population is in order to successfully reach them. In our case, we find about 90% of our clients find us online and about 10% find us in the hard copy Yellow Pages. Many times it has been brought up that we should cancel those ads but if your computer is down, how on earth are you going to find a company to repair your computer? We certainly don't weigh the cost of paper advertizing over the cost of online marketing and SEO. Perhaps more relevant examples like today's need to be made known to people. If companies are not tracking how their clients are obtained, I highly encourage them to do so. SEO is a marketing essential, just like computers are to your business.
Deb's right. The yellow pages can and do still drive traffic to your site.

What size add are you running Deb? Do you feel its neccessary to run an entire page add?

SEO is extraordinarily affordable when allocating even a portion of your yellow pages budget For example reducing your ad from a full to quarter page.
Thanks for the feedback Deb - it also goes well with our post asking for opinions about the Yellow pages:

I wonder what the percentage of new business comes from the internet from our area. Statistically its 40%, but I think its even higher in the OC.