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IF You Want Shoppers, Avoid Using Words With Trending Topics in Your Posts

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 21 Dec 2011

Avoiding the “See More Posts” Section

Are you a marketer or running your own business and use Facebook? If so there are a few things you should know about Facebooks new redesign.

With the constant change of technology there are always going to be new redesigns. The most recent Facebook redesign will change how posts show up on your news feed. If you mention the any topic that’s trending on Facebook, or among several people within a person’s feed, that person will see all posts on that topic lumped together with tons of other posts. A perfect example of this in action has been over the last several weeks as more and more people talked about Christmas, Holidays, and the New Year. The problem is that your post wont appear unless the user hits the see more posts button under the one or two posts about the trending topic in Facebook’s news feed.

So if you’re a marketer and are trying to get a promotion out or just advertising, avoid the common words that are associated with holidays or other trending topics. Instead get creative use words that aren’t used by every Facebook user.

Also keep in mind that if your message avoids the use of the words for a popular topic there might still be a chance that the post could get combined with other similar posts. Facebook also takes into account the links you post as well. So either avoid links with popular words or use a URL shortner. URL shortners are a great way to change a link that might include the words about the trending topic. Cal Coast recommends using bitly or owly . These are great free tools every marketer should use to avoid Facebook lumping.

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