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How to make QR Codes

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 19 Jan 2011

What’s up with the new craze and these funky looking blockish squares everywhere you see?! Well, alot! QR codes (Quick Response Codes) are a perfect way to bring a potential client to the exact page on the internet you want them to go to, plus more. AND, they’re FUN 🙂 Have you tried it yet?

Once I downloaded the app I had this new obsession with the QR code…every time I saw one I had to check out the ‘hidden treasure’ behind it! If you have a smart phone and haven’t joined in the fun yet, here are a few QR readers to check out.

How to Read a QR code

Lynkee – compatable with most smart phones and reads both QR & Datamatrix codes
Red Laser – scans both old school and QR barcodes

How to Make a QR code

Now, down to business. How do you MAKE one?? Since people loooove to see what’s behind them, you need one on your business cards and in your waiting room, right??? RIGHT! Its soooo easy. Seriously! Here are a few quality websites that will generate a FREE QR code for you:

BeeTag – create a QR code, a BeeTag code, or a Datamatrix code
Zxing – allows you to create a QR code for a calendar event, your contact info, a geolocation, or your URL
Toolsiseek – creates text and SMS QR codes too

Once you have your QR code created, see how creative you can be with it. Here are 5 thoughts to get you started:

    1. Upload the QR code to your facebook wall, or as your profile pic


  • Put your new QR code on delivery or salesperson shirts



  • Pass around ‘cards’ with nothing but the QR code at your next networking meeting



  • Include a QR code decal on the door of your shop. Closed? Visit our website to order or set an appt 🙂



  • Print your QR code on your promotional products (key chains, coffee mugs, etc)


As always, Cal Coast is happy to do the dirtywork for you should you feel QR code creation is not the best use of your time. If you’re having trouble seeing how QR codes fit into your marketing campaign, call us at 888-281-7665 x 2 and we’ll brainstorm with you!

Indeed, Lynkee 2 on my iPhone 4 is from far the best QR reader. Nice new features and ergonomics that I have not found elsewhere. Thanks
I prefer Zxing. It allows for multiple options with URls, phone contacts, etc AND allows fr downloading the code image rather than using through the 3rd party site. :)
We just launched a site where you can create and track QR codes check out