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How to create a blog post in Blogger – 2 Minute EASY Lesson and Video Tutorial

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 11 Tags
  • 14 Nov 2009

Hi everyone,

Had to share this video, I know we have a lot of step by step posts on this subject, but some of you are visual. Hope it helps to encourage your blogging!

The video doesn’t mention it, but our SEO added bonus tip is to out keywords your target market would type into a search engine into YOUR blog titles. Then you’ll get found better 🙂

Oh, and do the same for your labels too. – Just watch the full 10 minute tutorial below for more that. (About 4:56 in)

2 Minute blog post creation video tutorial…
Watch this video for the extended full version of creating a blog post in Blogger…