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How NOT to Blog For Link Popularity

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 7 Tags
  • 14 Aug 2009

You may have read our previous post on blogging for link popularity purposes entitled DIY – Blogs, Forums & Social Networking….I’m a big kid now!

You probably took some time to look at valuable relevant blogs and sites to potentially link to you right after.

Many of us have learned from mistakes just how NOT to blog for links.

In a nutshell, (help, help, I’m in a nutshell) you want to be a VALUABLE & RELEVANT resource to that blog. Avoid selling yourself. You are there to be trusted. Then that trust will sell you.

This means, you need to respect the blog your on. Give the post kuddos and added value by expanding on the topic at hand or adding additional facts, resources and more. Who doesn’t like their ego stroked and value added to their web page!

As a funny example of just what NOT to do, let me give you an example of a blog comment I received on my CCWD Shortboard Video Testimonial Open House: Elevate Your Sales With The Proven Influence of Video blog post.

Names have been removed as so not to embarrass any newbies in the learning process and links have been replaced with our very own website so that we don’t improve their page rank. LOL.

Here is the comment…

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Now granted, the last 2 links were outside sites, but I’m sure they are his 2 clients right now.

This is just blatant malicious spam.

Why on earth would I want to publish this nonsense to help the very people competing for the some keywords as me???

Well, actually, if this gentleman had made reference to at least 1 thing we mentioned in our post and commented on that, elaborated on the purpose or linked to a resource, I still would have published the content allowing him tot get the link back with his keywords linking because it would have been RELEVANT to my content and ADDED VALUE for my visitors.

Instead he chose to disregard the entire purpose of the post and just post nonsense.

Please ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Your purpose when blogging for linking purposes is educate users, support fellow industry people & brand yourself as a trusted online presence. The above is no way to do just that!

Even if you cant add a link without feeling disrespectful or spammy, don’t worry, if people find value in what you’re saying, they will find and contact you. This is one reason its so important for you to thoroughly fill out your online profiles. You never know who may find you where and want to contact you. The more info you provide, the less user hesitation.

If you would like more information on tactics for blogging & linking we encourage you to look trough our Blogging Resources and Linking Strategies sections of this blog.

We are also available for one on one or group blogging training for both your own blog maintenance and blogging for links on outside sites. Please contact us at 888-281-7665 x1 or comment on this post for more information!