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Hey Look At Me!

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 09 Dec 2007

One of he most overlooked aspects of search engine optimization can be Calls To Action. Though those of us who provide SEO services like Cal Coast Web Design know plenty about Calls To Action site owners generally know far less but tonight prepare to be educated.

What is a Call To Action you ask? Well simply put it’s something that either your or your web designer put onto your site to attract the attentions of search engines and more importantly visitors! A good Call To Action will be eye catching and often take your visitors to a place with your website that houses some important information or even a page that you want to have attention drawn to.

A successful website will often incorporate several calls to action. Here are some examples that you might want to consider for use on your website.

  • Pictures – Images automatically draw the eye toward them regardless of where they are put. Generally speaking however you should showcase pictures on your homepage like company logos, a picture of yourself or perhaps some of the products you sell. This gives your visitor an idea of who and what they’re dealing with right away. A big plus for you.
  • Bold or Colorful Text – We all know that bold text is used to emphasize something on the Internet or in type so you should use bold text to make a point at various points through your website.

    Using color variations on your text will also draw the visitors eye to it since most of your standard information will be in black. Use both of these styles to draw visitors attention to something fun or important.

  • Animated Text- Same thing here. Moving text and/or images will always catch a visitors eye! Beware of over use however. These can get pretty annoying if they aren’t used sensibly.
  • Flash Movies – Very similar in nature to using animated text and images. Flash is always fun to look at but animations should be kept small and simple as not to irritate the search engines. Use Flash for things like a picture slideshow and what not.
  • Bulleted information – Bulleted information provides both a way for visitors view important information located within the “sea of black” (your text) and gives them an easy way of finding said information. Bullets are often used when someone wants to make special note of something important, much like I’ve done here in this blog. Other instances one might bullet their information is when they want to make note of their services and/or products.

Spend some time during this slower part of the year and look over your website. Could it use any new or perhaps alternate Calls To Action? If so or if you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out!