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Get Viral with Bombay TV: Backlinks Matter

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 1 Tags
  • 26 Jan 2009

Sooo much fun. We’ve talked about how important it is to establishing backlinks to your site for search engine purposes before. Actually, we talk about link popularity all the time.

So, today, while chatting with a prospective online date, there was mention of a funny site for adding your own subtitles to Bollywood film scenes. (Not so random as it seems but don’t think Ill be posting the play-by-play on my business blog, LOL!)

Can you please say, hours of fun! Oh, and some seriously sweet viral marketing potential here too! I’m sure people send these things all over to their friends! Think of how many people can read about YOUR branding in a subtitle. That’s right, make a short script that’s sure to capture the attention of your target market and then brand yourself utilizing the last slide.

Send it to all your friends, redistribute on youtube, add it to your site, blog, myspace, and all your other online social networks and go share the love.

Think of all the backlinks it will bring you if not just direct traffic or brand recognition.

Inspired yet? Go out there and try it for yourself at Bombay TV Bollywood Subtitle Movies

You can thank me in your comments after you’ve finished laughing til you wheeze.

We want to officially thank Andrea Bridges of Repeat Possessions the top online provider of iT Jeans, Gee Wawa and many designer clothing items for trying out Bombay TV. She beat us to the punch and we give her 2 thumbs up for trying it out!

View her video by CLICKING HERE