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DIY – Mixx Social Bookmarking Site Manual: How To Use Mixx

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 7 Tags
  • 10 Jun 2010

Use this Mixx Tutorial to read more about what Mixx is and what it means for your business online.

What is Mixx??

Mixx is another social networking site like Digg. You are in charge of the information listed. You can tag, share and list all your favorite blog posts, press releases, articles and more. For more information about Mixx click here.

Why Cal Coast Web Design Uses Mixx?

Mixx is a great way to get back links and more traffic to your blog, articles or press releases. As you have already learned getting quality back links can help get better rankings and help saturate the internet with the main keywords we are focusing on. Submitting our blogs,
articles and press releases to Mixx helps get the word out there about business.

Creating a Mixx Account

  1. Visit
    Quick Tip: Mixx does not workvery well using IE, please use Firefox or Google Chrome to get the full Mixx experience
  2. Click Sign Up in the top right hand corner
  3. You must sign up using your personal CWD gmail account even though it has the option to use an account you currently have such as AOL, Open ID, Facebook, Yahoo.
  4. Click Register
  5. Step 1 Type in your real name & preferred user ID
  6. Step 2 Type in what your interests are. Example: real estate, fashion, shoes, clothes etc. You can also check off all the boxes listed below of categories mixx has to offer.
  7. Step 3 Upload your icon.
  8. Type in your Zipcode
  9. Finish

Customizing your Mixx Account

  1. Log into your Mixx Account
  2. Click Your Account up top right hand corner
  3. Profile Tab – change your email address, add a photo, web site links and more.
  4. General Tab – change zipcode and integrate your mixx with Twitter
  5. Accounts Tab – Add your other accounts to Mixx, Yahoo, Open ID, AOL, and Facebook
  6. Notifications Tab – Update if you want to receive shouts from your Mixxer friends. CCWD recommends you select “Onsite & Email” for all options so that you dont have to login regularly to see new activity. You will get email notification instead like MySpace. Also be sure to check off “Send me an email when I receive a Mixx Mail message.” if you start to get too many updates in one day and its overwhelming your email inbox, just simply check off “Receive Email Alerts as a once-a-day digest” to receive one email max per day.
  7. Add to YourMixx Tab – Add more categories and interests by checking off the boxes (It is good to keep all of them checked off)
  8. Join Groups and communities by clicking the Community Tab
  9. Select all your interests and groups and join the clubs by adding in a topic like real estate, fashion, entertainment, seo, the “Search by name or description box” and then selecting a group by clicking “join group.”
  10. You can even create your own group by clicking Create Your Niche Now

Following other Mixxers

  1. Log into your Mixx Account and select “Your Groups & Communities.”
  2. Best place to start looking for others is in the groups and communities you joined
  3. Once you view the communities click the amount of members listed below it
  4. Click on each profile
    Quick Tip: Since you are using Firefox or Chrome you can open many profiles in a new tab, I would suggest opening 6-7 at a time so you can quickly click add friend for each
    one and move on. This is going to help you follow members quicker and save you a lot of time.
  5. Click Follow “Member Name”

Submitting A Link To Mixx

  1. Log into your Mixx Account
  2. Click Submit A Link to Mixx button
  3. Enter the URL (please make sure it is the exact URL of the blog post and not just the
    main page of the blog)
  4. Choose the correct category Story, Image or Video
  5. Click Continue
  6. Step 1 Add title and description
    Quick Tip: You can use the title of the blog post as is and
    take a few sentences from the 1st paragraph of the blog post. If you do not think it describes it well enough then make up your own description. Mak
    e them want to click!
  7. Step 2 Tag the story you are submitting, you are allowed 8 tags use client keywords that are relevant to the story.
  8. Step 3 Add Your Comment:Please type in a comment about the blog post and why you liked it or why it was useful, also include a link back to web site, you cannot
    link text but you can use
    Quick Note: Please make sure this is cleaver and doesnt sound like spam, we do not want
    it to sound like an advertisement for the client, we want it to be useful information for other mixxers.
  9. Step 4 – Add to Categories and Groups: You can add it to all your communities or everyone using Mixx. Select as many of all 8 categories as possible so we can get the most exposure
  10. Click Submit
  11. Share this Mixx with your groups and friends by clicking, Add to Group and Share with your friends.

    Please add friends, share & comment each month for credibility!

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