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Contact Infomation And Your Website

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 18 Dec 2007

Good evening everyone. I wanted to take a moment today to speak about contact information and just how important it is to have multiple types of contact information on your website as well as the importance of that information’s location.

When Cal Coast Web Design handles your monthly search engine optimization duties we often come across sites when trying to establish a reciprocating link that has little, partial, or no contact information on them. When this happens it makes it difficult if not impossible to establish links with any of these sites no matter how great they are.

No put yourself in the shoes of a visitor. If you where to come across a great looking website with fantastic products and prices you’d undoubtedly want to buy something from them but without contact information you’re likely to be turned off. Why? Well most visitors that don’t see contact information on a website will and should assume that the site should not be trusted, and in many cases rightfully so. Maybe you have questions about shipping, a product, or a stocking issue but without contact information people are going to find another site to give their time and business too.

You should always make sure that you have your contact information in several places. You obviously want it on your homepage and should have it near the top of your page as well as the bottom of your homepage. This will show visitors right off the bat that you have that information and then after scrolling down and checking things out there will be that same information ready for use.

So what types of contact information should you make available? Well it depends on your personal tastes, what your business might dictate and, quite simply how badly you want to hear from your customers. We recommend the following

  • Primary business phone number
  • Secondary business phone number (cell)
  • A business Email address
  • A Fax Number

With all of these in place those interested in contacting you won’t having any problem doing so when that time comes. Take a look over your website now. Do you have all the necessary contact information available and in eye catching locations? If you don’t and if you have questions about this topic please feel free to contact us.