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Competitor Links and Your Website

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 30 Nov 2007

We’ve talked about many different types of links and how these days you need quality links over sheer quantity. Today I would like to talk a bit about “competitor links” and how they work for your website.

When handling your search engine optimization, Cal Coast Web Design strives to put all different types of quality links on your site and get links from the most popular websites. There are times when finding such links can be difficult especially if we’ve been handling your SEO needs for a while. In instances such as this we will take a look at some of the links your local competition has on their websites and if they are of quality (page rank of 4 or better) we will initiate link exchange with them.

In many instances your competitors sites will provide us/you with a whole lot more links than any search in the search engines will. Cal Coast would like to encourage you to take a moment (when you have one) to look over sites you know are in direct competition with yours. If you see any links there that pique your interest and look as though they direct towards a quality website, please forward those to us at this address. We will be happy to check on the page rank of that link and if applicable add it to your website!