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Calls To Action

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 14 Sep 2007

Making your website eye catching to search engines is important and making it eye catching to your visitors is equally important if not more in most cases. A majority of website owners only focus on ways to increase traffic but never consider what happens when that traffic actually arrives at their site.

One way to boost repeat visitors and increase visitation length is by adding a “Call to Action” to your website. Not necessarily one but several when needed. A call to action answers the unasked question, “That’s interesting. Now what?” You can also think of a Call to Action as a way to provide further instructions for your visitors. Maybe it’s a catchy graphic that flashes or is animated in some fashion. This catches the visitors eye and if the graphic or animation is related to your product page you increase the chances of them visiting the pages or reading the information you want them to see.

Sites without calls to action are often sites we find through a search engine and promptly hit the back button in our browsers after looking at a boring or confusing page. Calls to Actions scream “look at me” or “hey click over here”. Some sites are better at these than others and those that maintain good call to actions more often than not become more popular and successful than those sites that go without.

Always keep in mind too that Calls to Action create opportunities to convert visitors to buyers, by either offering something enticing to the visitor or by providing a gateway to invaluable information. Today most of the people surfing around the Internet are not actually ready to buy and are more like window shoppers. They know what they want but aren’t sure where their going to spend their money so use Calls to Action to give them what they want, more information that helps them decide to spend their money on your website!

If you have more questions about Calls to Actions or you’d like to implement them but don’t know how or where to start, please contact Cal Coast Web Design and we’ll be happy to help you out!