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Blogging. What’s it got to do with networking?

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 4 Tags
  • 30 Sep 2009


Lately I am running into a ton of smart business people who just don’t get how blogging incorporates into everyday business life. I wanted to write this post to help our fellow networkers – PLEASE take 5 minutes to read!

First, you need to be comfortable with blogging. WHY?

  1. Because there are more potential clients online than there are at your networking group. You see the value in going to the networking group, why wouldn’t you see the value in blogging? Just because you can’t SEE your online visitors doesn’t mean they aren’t real people with credit cards and wallets!!
  2. Your blog is your extended sales force. And guess what? You don’t have to pay dues or payroll taxes, and your ‘posts’ work consistently 24 hours a day to send QUALIFIED leads to you and your business. Nice.
  3. Your blog will generate new members and guests. Let’s get real, people want to know what’s in it for them before they ever show up. If your blog talks about how much fun your group has and how much business everyone’s doing don’t you think more people would want to hop on board?

Hopefully I’ve got you thinking now. But wait, what the heck should you blog about? Glad you asked! I was at LeTip of Orange this morning, and after hearing the group’s 30 second commercials I have a TON of ideas for posts that should be on your blog, specifically:

  1. Pictures of the driveway and flagstone Wilson O Landscaping is currently working on. Also, maybe a coupon to share with neighbors who are interested in new driveways.
  2. Donna Watson and Designer Mouse‘s branding tips from her speech this morning. Don’t you think other businesses would benefit from that info? Do you think Donna may generate some business by putting samples on your blog?
  3. John Pascal‘s 10% donation to CHOC announcement. There are people outside your group who need cars fixed and would love to put a part of that towards a good cause like CHOC.
  4. A quick ‘thank you‘ to any guests who showed up. Smart businesses have alerts on their names, and they will know that you posted about them and appreciated them being there. This makes a 2nd visit much more likely, don’t you think?
  5. I’ll stop calling people out and go general now. Case studies. Who did you help or save money for this week?
  6. Industry updates. What is new or changed in your industry lately? Realtors and lenders could blog about this every hour!
  7. Testimonials. Have a video or written testimonial? Post or embed it on your networking blog so you can use your testimonials as leverage to obtain trust from potential clients.
  8. Tips. This whole blog post is a ‘tip’ on ways you can blog for your business.

But…isn’t it hard??? If you can write an email then you can type a blog post. Its easy! And the best part is blog posts get in front of people you would never get on your email list!

Blogs are cool because you can act like you are emailing one person, but the word gets out to sooo many more. Don’t believe it? Check out the blog for Orange County LeTip and scroll to the bottom right ‘who’s here’ section. You don’t have to appear all professional and stuffy on your blog, leave that for your website (haha). Just. Be. YOU. Believe it or not, people will contact you to work with them because your personality shows through on your posts. (serious!)

My favorite networking blog is Orange County Wedding Center. This blog rocks because the members of the group actually go in there and post what is going on. I can get specialized cards from Lisa @ Heritage Makers, or my name changed by Linda and The Name Change Kit.

If one person and one person only maintains your blog, it can get boring. So please, everyone, for the sake of your networking groups get off the sidelines and get bloggging!!!! Google LOVES your networking group blogs for this exact reason. They have lots of authors. If you are reading this post and network with us we are happy to make YOU an author for the blog of the group you’re in. Just comment or email us and we’ll make it happen 🙂

Happy Blogging & Networking everyone!!!!

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