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Another Explanation of Blogging

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 04 Dec 2007

A few months back I talked to you about blogging, how it works, why it’s important, and what it can do for your website. I wanted to do this once more in hopes that it will serve as a refresher to those who read the last blog on the topic and educate those who did not.

Many Cal Coast Web Design clients often ask me, “why did you write that in one of the blogs you wrote for me?” Other times clients will assume that something we’ve written is meant to represent them personally or their business/website. For those who aren’t yet clear as to what I speak of let me provide you an example.

Client Jane Doe has hired Cal Coast to handle her search engine optimization needs. Part of our services is blogging on a monthly basis. Blogging provides a direct link back to your website which search engines count for your favor which in turns boosts your search engine ranking. Now Ms. Doe has a business that sells purple Widgets and a website that reflects her products.

The next step is for Cal Coast to scour the Internet for blogs related to Widgets or blogs that are related to any of your keywords. Many times blogs are hard to find. Some will not allow comments to be posted, while others don’t allow HTML comments, and other times some look like blogs but turn out not to be. These are all obstacles for our Links Manager because they read every potential blog that they’d like to leave comments on so many times a blog is read and then can not be used forcing the blogger to begin again.

Once an appropriate blog is found the blogger will leave comments related to what the original post’s subject matter. When comments for blogs are created they contain specific keywords that are linked back to your website. As I stated before this points another link at your website which the search engines view as a positive for your website.

There are times though where our bloggers may make a comment like the following that leads clients to question the content of the blog comments.

Example Comment:

“I used to be a purple Widgets vendor until I discovered that other color Widgets appealed to a broader audience”

This example often raises the question from Cal Coast clients. Why is he misrepresenting me like that, or causes clients to believe that it will somehow negatively impact their website/business/reputation. We understand how you might come to this conclusion however you would be in error by doing so.

Cal Coast bloggers never create blogs that references any of its clients by name. The goal of creating comments on blogs it to make it a legitimate post. The blogger in this case is assuming an anonymous identity and is simply commenting on Widgets so that it is relevant to the original post. If it is found to be unrelated it will be marked as spam which is bad for both your business as well as Cal Coast as search engines will begin banning you from their results.

The truth is that very few people are going to read the comments our bloggers leave on any blog. The purpose is to provide the search engines with a link back to your website, which again boosts your search engine ranking. There is no data left in any post by our bloggers that can be used to identify you personally or your business. A link to your site is nothing more and nothing less that a link to your site. Blog comments are not meant to misrepresent any Cal Coast client though comments may sometimes appear to be a client, in reality they are written so that it appears as though a random individual has made a simple comment while linking back to your website.

Blogging can be and seem confusing to those who do not blog themselves. If you are still unsure of why we do what we do, please feel free to contact us here anytime!