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5 Tips for Improving your Google+ Optimization

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 5 Tags
  • 09 Mar 2012

Strengthening Search Engine Optimization with Google+

Promoting your business online or thinking about using social media’s such as Google+?

Here are a few pointers that will lead you on your way to achieving a better presence online in the search rankings by just using Google+.

5 Tips To Improve Google+ Search Engine Optimization

  • Get More Followers
    • Most Social networking sites want you to be selective on who and how many people you add, this is not the case with Google+. By adding more followers to your account you are increasing the chances of more people viewing your content (blog posts, websites, etc..). 
    • Also make sure to link the content you are creating to your Google+ account. If someone is following you and they happen to search for something that you created content about, your post will go towards the top of the search results! For an example click the link.
  • Set Up Authorship With Your Personal Profile
    • Are you a blogger? Take credit for the content you create though the search results in Google. When you set up Authorship with Google+ it will use your profile picture in the search results and give viewers the option to directly add you to their account. Remember the more followers you have the better!
  • Directly Connect Your Page 
    • By directly connecting all of your online content to Google+. This will directly help you get followers. When your directly connected the search results will show some of your recent posts within Google+ right on the results page after a search.
  • Encourage +’s
    • The + button is useful because it will show the number of +1 in the search results. So make sure to include the +1 icon on your website. Be sure to add the icon to your website.
  • Fill Out Your Information
    • You’d be surprised how often filling out all of the information on your account is neglected on social networking sites. Google+ will actually use some of the sections when displaying information on the search results. For example the introduction and occupation sections are used frequently. 
Click the link to see a more in depth explanation on the 5 ways to use Google+ to improve your search engine optimization.