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Learn the 6 Steps to Successful Lead Nurturing

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 04 Dec 2012

Are you questioning whether leads will pay off for your business? Act-On can help nurture those leads today!

Act-On is a cloud based interactive marketing solution that enables your business to effectively market online. They use small marketing teams that now have the ability to do sophisticated, marketing for a variety of channels. Act-On has created a 6 Step Guide on how to get the most out of your companies leads. Act-On is known for helping small and mid sized companies, “the Fortune 5,000,000”.


Importance of Nurturing Leads


Qualified leads are hard to get; you can’t afford to lose or waste them. 70% of the qualified leads that make it to sales get disqualified or discarded, often because they just aren’t ready to buy now. But 80% of those “bad” leads will ultimately go on to buy from you – or from a competitor – within 24 months. What to do? Nurture them until they’re ready to buy.

Learn the six foundational steps your company can take to set up a successful lead nurturing program, including:

•Designing a basic lead nurturing program
•Learning how to refine and expand your program
•Measuring the progress of your lead nurturing program

Visit Act-On to get your free complimentary 6 Steps to Successful Lead Nurturing today!