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Google Blocking Web Position Ranking Reports? Not to Worry!

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 13 Aug 2008

Hi folks!

In the ever-changing world of search we wanted to report a new development with Google reports. Unfortunately, as of recently, Google has somehow blocked Web Position ranking reports from reading their system:

What does this mean to our clients? In a nutshell? If your report was ran after Aug 5th, its going to say you have NO Google status. BUT, you didn’t lose your Google status. We currently just lost the ability to report on it. As founder, I almost had a heart attack when I saw the reports, so I will just save you the stress. YOU’RE STILL THERE. Yes, we have your archives, so you can check those manually if you need to.

We love our ranking reports, and Google does say on their best practices not to run them. (but most SEO’s run them because clients need a quick way to see progress) In SES last year, we got a verbal from a Google employee (wish I could remember his name) saying we could run short reports once a month…, but it appears no more 🙁 We are confident the SEO world will come up with some way to get friendly status reports on Google, and we’ll implement it as soon as we know its safe.

Until then, happy searching, and if you have Google report withdraw remember your Analytic’s!

All my best –

Angie Weeks
Cal Coast Web Design
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Just wanted to comment with another article - - we are still looking for the best reporting solution for both our clients and for Google :)